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    New Heritage Ash Skis by Bomber Ski

    Bomber Ski is a New York based high-end luxury ski company that sells handcrafted snow skis, high performance ski bindings and carbon fiber ski poles. Their latest design are the Heritage skis. Featuring a real ash top sheet inlaid with graphene and silver and completed with wax to withstand any element, Bomber’s Heritage skis are […] More

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    Zai For Bentley’s Luxury Skis

    Instead of cars, Bentley has drawn attention with the latest collection of their skis with signature of Swiss company Zai. Zai has managed to combine the “art of making the highest quality with strict aesthetic standards and sensibilities that connects Bentley heritage and tradition of quality, exclusivity and style, with the technical and architectural aspects […] More

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    Bentley’s New Line Of Accessories

    In order to get the support of its fans, the luxury brand Bentley, with their effort and imagination, present a diverse range of objects from their collections. Many of you have heard of Bentley cars, but you should know that this brand offers and other goods, such as home and office furniture, perfumes for men, […] More

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    Chanel Skis – New Fashion Accessory

    You might be intrigued by the new products of French fashion house Chanel, the alpine skis. These skis that cost between $2,000 and $4,000 emphasize the retro design and a large Chanel logo on them. Skis are made from rosewood, aluminum and fiberglass which make these skis lightweight and sturdy. If you are a professional […] More

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    Exclusive Bentley Branded Merchandise from Bentley Collection at Paris Motor Show

    Breitling for Bentley Luxury car maker Bentley has announced a range of exclusive products that will be available to buy at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The Bentley Boutique at this year’s Paris Motor Show offers Breitling watches, Tibaldi pens, Estede eyewear and Zai skis. So, even if you don’t own a Bentley you can […] More

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    Aston Martin “DBS Prague” Skis – Offer Maximum Control Both the Slalom and Freestyle

    Aston Martin have launched a pair of skis inspired by their automotive design. Further to last winter’s special-edition DBS Prague skis, handmade by Austrian ski specialist Differences, Aston Martin has now developed a core range of skis, produced using four of our latest Aston Martin colours: Morning Frost White, Quantum Silver, Almond Green, Silver Blonde. […] More