Richard Mille’s Panda and Skull Watches at Baselworld 2013

Richard Mille has prepared two new family members of jewellery watches. The RM 52-01 Skull and RM 26-01 Panda will debut at Baselworld 2013. Both of the watches confirm the brand’s creative freedom, one featuring a giant panda and second with skull theme. RICHARD MILLE RM52-01 NANO-CERAMIC SKULL TOURBILLON is the second piece in the Skull collection launched in 2012, and features the skull design that has come to symbolise the Richard Mille brand: an anti-conformist approach focused on creativity and development, where each new timepiece embodies a call for a watchmaking revolution. It is equipped with the RM052 manual winding tourbillon caliber built on a baseplate in PVD-treated grade 5 titanium. The skull and back of the skull are sculpted from 5N red gold and are hand-bevelled. For the case, Richard Mille has used an unprecedented composite material known as nano-ceramic. RICHARD MILLE RM52-01 NANO-CERAMIC SKULL TOURBILLON RM 52-01’s bezel and case back has been made by using TZP, low-density material (6 g.cm3) which is highly scratch-resistant and has a low thermal conductivity coefficient. Made from 95% yttrium-stabilised zirconium, TZP has a pronounced grain that provides the perfect finish. For the case middle, Richard Mille decided to use carbon nanotubes bonded to a black polymer, which helps to reduce the watch’s weight. The RM 52-01 is released as a limited edition of 30 nano-ceramic timepieces featuring an 18K redgold skull. TOURBILLON RM 26-01 PANDA is likely to be successful successor of its predecessor Tourbillon RM 026, launched at the 2011 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. The new RM26-01 tourbillon featuring a symbol of peace – giant panda is equipped with a baseplate machined from black Onyx, a variety of chalcedony composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) from the cryptocrystalline quartz group. Onyx varieties featuring rectilinear black and white parallel stripes are part of the agate family, whereas entirely black stones are commonly known as black Onyx, for which is considered to protect against negative thoughts and incarnate balance and inspiration. Sculpted in 18K white gold and integrated into the tourbillon, the panda is set entirely with diamonds and black sapphires. It sits in its natural habitat, a bamboo forest, featuring leaves and bark handsculpted from yellow gold and painted by hand. The RM 26-01 tourbillon is a limited edition of 30 timepieces in 18K red gold and white gold. RICHARD MILLE RM52-01 NANO-CERAMIC SKULL TOURBILLON   RICHARD MILLE TOURBILLON RM 26-01 PANDA RICHARD MILLE TOURBILLON RM 26-01 PANDA

Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon Airborne Limited Edition Watch

Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon Airborne Limited Edition Watch Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon Airborne Limited Edition Watch If you didn’t get enough of the Bell & Ross BR01 Aviator Watch you’ll love the new Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon Airborne. A timepiece for those who dare to be different or those who love to scare, it is a unique cross between the BR01 Airborne watch and BR01 Tourbillon. With a deathly looking dial in the shape of a skull, this timepiece is definitely a class apart. The watch has regulator-style time display – hours, minutes, seconds all with their own hand, with the tourbillon cage functioning as the seconds hand – 60 second rotation. There is also a power reserve display, and a torque indicator which helps you not to overwind the manual-wind movement.

1810 Skull Pocket Watch – Rare Gold Watch Studded with Diamonds

1810 Skull Pocket Watch 1810 Skull Pocket Watch The watch we’ve got to show you today is a little different than usual. The watch we have today is what’s known as a Memento Mori, loosely translated as remember you must die. It is a phrase used to describe a whole range of objects that were designed to remind their owners that life was fleeting, like the passage of time. Dating from around 1810, the Skull Wwatch is crafted in 18K gold and studded with diamonds set eyes and teet. Designed in the shape of a miniature skull with hinges, this pocket watch tells the time when you peel back the upper dome of the cranium.