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    The Newest Radical Black Edition by Gresso

    Few months ago Gresso unveiled its first Android based smartphone coated in titanium. Now, Gresso Radical got its companion coated in black. As its predecessor, The Gresso Radical Black Edition is also based on the OS Android 4.1.2 operating system. It’s case is also developed from a single, solid, Grade 5 titanium plate that is […] More

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    Savelli Launch Emerald-Encrusted Smartphone At Harrods

    Smart mobile phone from Savelli is based on Android system and built by using prestigious materials. Fashion designer, and owner of company, Alessandro Savelli is through the company Harrods offers two new models which are the most expensive smart phones on the planet. These are Emerald Night and Emerald Insane which cost $71,000 and $244,000. […] More

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    Berlin Boombox – Cool Soundsystem Made from Cardboard

    Berlin based DJ, designer and illustrator Axel Pfaender has combined his passion for music and design to come up with this cool soundsystem made from cardboard. The Berlin Boombox is the most eco-friendly speaker on the block. Bringing together the classic boombox style with today’s audio technology, Pfaender created this unique gadget made from recycled […] More

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    Jardin Secret – Luxury Smartphone for Women by Savelli Genéve

    Savelli Geneva is the first brand of luxury mobile phones exclusively for women. Their first collection of creative phones – Jardin Secret is as expected “made specially for women”. Based on the Italian design combined with high precision and know-how of the Swiss jewelry, this stunning collection consists of 11 smartphone models in three main […] More

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    Louis Vuitton Cases For iPhone 5s

    In the past, mobile phones were full of differences, when on the market was more popular brands and styles. Today it is difficult to express creativity in this field, especially on canvas small enough to fit in your pocket. These covers for mobile phones are a welcome change in the environment in which it all […] More

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    New Vertu Ti Ferrari Limited Edition

    Life without a mobile phone today is almost unimaginable, and exclusive possession of so-called “limited edition” and unique models has become a matter of prestige. Vertu has again made unique model that attracts attention of lovers of expensive smartphones. It is new Vertu Ti Ferrari Limited Edition, based on Ferrari’s fastest road-going car F12 Berlinetta. […] More

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    Savelli Android Smartphones Just For Women

    Gender equality and gadgets go hand in hand. Think about it, all of us, boys and girls, using the same gadgets. Same smartphones, same tablets, the same computer. Swiss company Savelli believes that girls still deserve more. Last week at the show of haute couture in Paris, the Swiss company Savelli presented a series of […] More

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    Android Smartphones from Tag Heuer

    The famous Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer showed its first mobile phone Racer for all those who want to own only the best and highest quality. Mobile phone case is made of titanium and carbon fiber and coated with a special anti-shock rubber coating, a good first impression of the device from the 22 century. Fantastic […] More

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    Sony’s New SmartWatch – Android-powered Wristwatch

    Sony’s latest gadget – new SmartWatch will allow you to see what happens on your Android smartphones, just by looking at the wrist. Yes, Sony has launched a new watch that streams information from Android smartphones via Bluetooth. So, you can read text messages, social updates and e-mail, manage calls, and control music, and all […] More