Philippe Starck’s MyWorld The Ultimate Lounge System

Life is a miracle and should be kept. We must learn to love him, to love ourselves at least 15 minutes a day. Taking into account the pace of life and the needs of the modern man,
Philippe Starck has created a unique, elegant, attractive, ergonomic and highly practical collection of a lounge system called MyWorld, created in partnership with Italian furniture company Cassina. Philippe Starck’s MyWorld The Ultimate Lounge System A unique design, simple and sophisticated accommodates the leisure of staying connected. The luxury sofa set is equipped with privacy dividers, a side table with hidden power outlets, a USB charger and a Duracell Powermat wireless charging solution all concealed inside the box-cupboard. MyWorld is available in a two-seater sofa, a three-seater, an armchair, a chaise-lounge and pouf with two large incorporated drawers and all with music system in it. For maximize relaxation there are cushions with feathers for extreme softness and comfort. Philippe Starck’s MyWorld The Ultimate Lounge System Philippe Starck’s MyWorld The Ultimate Lounge System Philippe Starck’s MyWorld The Ultimate Lounge System Philippe Starck’s MyWorld The Ultimate Lounge System  

Luxury Furniture With Swarovsky Crystals by Bretz

Luxury Bretz Furniture With Swarovsky Crystals Luxury Bretz Furniture With Swarovsky Crystals German manufacturer Bretz is well-known for its flamboyant style and avant-garde pieces. Bring a big dash of color to your living room with this Opulent Furniture by Bretz in stunning yellow. Handmade and upholstered in leather, the sofa, long stool, swivel armchair and round stool are not only sunshine bright but they sparkle as well, as they are bejeweled with Swarovski Elements Crystals. These pieces of furniture are brash, full of character and definitely are not a minimalist and neutral. This furniture is not to everybody’s taste, but if we all liked the same things then the world would be a much more boring place. The theatrical eccentricity of this yellow furniture is delicious, and it’s available in a whole host of colors and styles. [Trendir]

Louis Vuitton – Limited Edition Collection Of Sofas

Louis Vuitton Sofas by Jason Phillips Louis Vuitton Sofas by Jason Phillips Is there any thing that Louis Vuitton can’t put his signature on it? If there is, from now the sofas are not on that list. New York based interior designer Jason Phillips has released a limited edition collection of sofas with the Louis Vuitton monogram. Available in two monogram colorways, white Murakami and signature brown and tan, the limited edition collection is made from repurposed fabrics and can be supplemented with cushions for each model. Louis Vuitton speaks for itself, but it’s good to know that Jason Phillips is a multiple Pinnacle Award prize winner, with several iconic furniture pieces praised by many speciality magazines.

Davidoff Furniture Collection Emphasizes the Good Taste and Luxury

Davidoff Furniture Collection Davidoff Furniture Collection The Ukrainian designer Dmitry Lebedev has conceptualized a furniture collection  for the luxury tobacco brand Davidoff. The collection includes a chair, sofa and desk with minimalistic design but with an underlying classic appeal. Dark tones and modern elegance will give a little more style to your space. Dmitry Lebedev had insight into the company’s history and its legacy that inspired him to design minimalistic, classic, elegant concept. The collection is still under work and we don’t know yet when it makes it into stores. For all Davidoff`s fans it is time to begin saving up.

Autum Heretic Coffin Couch – Pleasure Between Birth And Death

Autum Heretic Coffin Couch Autum Heretic Coffin Couch If you need some more interesting than ordinary, boring couch, or you are fan of morbid, creepy pieces of furniture Autum Heretic Coffin Couch is the right thing for you. The Heretic by Autum is a hand made couch crafted from an actual 18 gauge steel coffin with four cast-iron legs that can support 800 ponds. Strong enough to hold you and a few of your friends if they are not too thick. This couch exudes weird Gothic elegance with its custom seating area hand sewn from black Italian leather. There is a laser-engraved ID plaque on the side of the couch to certify authenticity, so it makes it unique.