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    $4.8 Billion History Supreme – Most Expensive Yacht Ever Sold

    Probably world’s most expensive yacht, History Supreme (Baia 100 Supreme), was created by Stuart Hughes, a British purveyor of luxury gadgets. British genius designer made this luxury yacht especially for anonymous Malaysian business tycoon,who had to pay amazing $4.8 billion for it! 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum is embedded in this project. They were used throughout […] More

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    89,999 Camaél Solid Gold iPad

    Exclusive Camaél Solid Gold iPad We have already seen the worlds most expensive iPad 2 Gold History Edition by Stuart Hughes that costs a staggering £5 million. For the bling-bling lovers, Camaél Diamonds in Coventry is offering a Solid Gold iPad for a cool £89,999 ($148,000). The luxury version of the iPad is available in […] More

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    MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch with Gold Panda for 2011 Only Watch Charity Auction

    MB&F HM4 Only Watch 2011 The annual Only Watch auction is not just an event to raise a lot of money for a worthy charitable cause, kid’s muscular dystrophy, it also gives us the chance to see some fantastic one-of-a-kind models from the world’s hottest watch manufacturers. One of the participants returning with an offering for […] More

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    Solid Gold BlackBerry Torch by Alexander Amosu

    Amosu’s Solid Gold BlackBerry Torch Luxury designer Alexander Amosu has created his latest master piece, 18 carat solid gold BlackBerry Torch. While the mid frame in 18-carat solid gold and weighs in at about 38gms, the other parts are in metallic gold color. The BlackBerry Torch is one of the two hottest BlackBerrys on the […] More

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    2011 Gold Miffy Calendar Goes on Sale for $655,000

    2011 Gold Miffy Calendar Japanese jewelry maker Ginza Tanaka has now put on sale a 2011 calendar made of 6 kilograms of pure gold featuring Miffy, the famous female rabbit from a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The solid gold calendar celebrates the 2011 Year of the Rabbit […] More

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    Limited Edition Montegrappa Eternal Bird Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Ink Bottle

    Limited Edition Montegrappa Eternal Bird Sterling Silver Ink Bottle If you take pride in owning some of the most luxurious writing instruments to have ever been created then you must definitely add the precious Limited Edition Montegrappa Eternal Bird Yellow Gold and Sterliong Silver Ink Bottle to your collection. On the tenth anniversary of the […] More

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    24ct Solid Gold iPhone 4G Uniquely Designed and Crafted by Stuart Hughes

    This 24ct Solid Gold iPhone 4G is the type of investment a wealthy Apple fan might want to make. Exclusively designed by Stuart Hughes himself, this new iPhone is dressed with 150 grams of 24ct gold. The entire beautification process took several weeks of detailed working, that was required to create the chassis of device […] More

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    The GoldCaster – The World’s Most Expensive Guitar

    Jhoseph King is known for building custom metal body guitars and gold-layered instruments for some of the biggest names in the music industry. King has just upped the ante, he is proud to announce that he has created The GoldCaster, the World’s first and only solid gold guitar. There have been numerous gold plate guitars […] More

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    Amosu Couture Gold iPad – A More Glamorous Version of the Apple iPad

    While the Stuart Hughes iPad Supreme Editions command respect and an astronomical price, there are other ways to glamorize your brand-new tech toy.  Customized cell phone shop Amosu is now offering iPads with backs plated in 24 carat gold. Unlike the Stuart Hughes’ version, the gilded iPad means the case of the original device remain. […] More

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    Eternal Diamond Stiletto – The World’s Most Expensive Stilettos Made from Pure Gold and Diamond

    Bespoke jewellers House of Borgezie has launched a line of uber expensive heels called the Eternal Diamond Stiletto. Made by the founder of The House of Borgezie, Christopher Michael Shellis, each pair is handcrafted by British jewellery designer who has over the 30 years experience designing and creating exquisite jewellery. The Eternal Diamond Stiletto was […] More

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