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    New Olympica Loudspeakers from Sonus Faber

    Immerse yourself in a few minutes of a perfect sound that come from these speakers. Sonus Faber has launched a new way of fun, a new Olympica Loudspeakers will change your way of listening the music. Sonus Faber pays tribute to the Vicenza Theater in Italy with these sets. It comes in three models who […] More

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    Sonus Faber Unveils $120,000 Aida Speakers

    Sonus Faber is celebrating the launch of their Aida loudspeaker with a series of dealer events across U.S. The speaker actually stands as a tribute to the Cremonese school of violin makers, whose creations were known for their large orchestral formations of sound, a characteristic carried forward in the Aida speakers. The lute shape of the speaker […] More

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    Sonus Faber Fenice Loudspeaker – Destined to Change Listening to Music

    Forgetting the audio for a moment, the Sonus Faber’s Fenice Loudspeaker is absolutely stunning from a visual standpoint. Regardless of the finish, this massive speaker looks elegant and powerful. But, of course, the visual aspect is only a small piece of the system. The Fenice loudspeakers incorporates three new patents in one system, further enriched […] More