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Alberto Giacometti’s Grande Tête Mince Sold for More than $50 Million

Alberto Giacometti’s Grande Tête Mince Sculpture Fetches $50 Milllon

Alberto Giacometti’s Grande Tête Mince sold for more than it’s top end valuation of $50million at Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern evening sale. This bronze sculpture reached $50,005,000, which is actually 138 times above it’s weight in gold. The 25 1/2 inch artwork is a sculpt of Alberto’s brother Diego created in a style unique to […]

Part of the Legendary Y.O. Ranch on Sale for $85 Million

Y.O. Ranch Road at Hwy 41, Mountain Home, Texas

Part of the legendary Y.O. Ranch,in the heart of Texas Hill Country has been listed for $85 million. The ranch, which was under control of six generation of Schreiner family for the past 133 years earned the reputation, world-wide, as “America’s Original Game Ranch” in the late 1980s. The current generation has decided to sell […]

Four Paintings Over $1Million at Sotheby’s New York

Sotheby's 19th Century European Paintings auctions in New York City

Four exceptional paintings by 19th century masters, worth over $1 million each, will be up for sale through Sotheby’s 19th Century European Paintings auctions in New York City, on November 8. Headlining the sale is La coiffure by Federico Zandomeneghi, from an private American collection, estimated to fetch $2 – 3 milllion. Another highlight of […]

Rare 1912 Stutz Model A Bear Cat at RM Auctions

Rare 1912 Stutz Bear Cat available at auction

Original 1964 250LM Berlinetta will be leading at RM Auctions‘ and Sotheby’s new Art of the Automobile sale in New York on 21 November, the first major collector car auction to be held in Manhattan in over a decade. One more highlight of the upcoming auction certainly is rare 1912 Stutz Model A Bear Cat […]

Andy Warhol’s Liz #1 (Early Colored Liz) Could Fetch $30 Million at Sotheby’s New York

Andy Warhol's Liz #1

Obsessed with celebrity, consumer culture, and mechanical (re)production, Pop artist Andy Warhol created some of the most iconic images of the 20th century. He drew inspiration widely from popular culture and everyday subject matter and coined the widely used expression “15 minutes of fame”. Andy loved women and the power of the feminine, and the […]

Andy Warhol’s Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) at Sotheby’s New York

A Rare Warhol 'Disaster' Painting Emerges

These days, Andy Warhol‘s artworks can be found at a lot of auctions, where have a central place. His painting of an oversized Coke bottle, titled as Coca-Cola (3) will be offered on November 12 at Christie’s auction where expected to fetch $60 million. The same price can be reached at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening […]

Andreas Gursky’s Paris Montparnasse Leading at Sotheby’s London Evening Sale

Sotheby’s London Evening Sale

Andreas Gursky‘s epic urban panorama, Paris Montparnasse, will lead Sotheby’s London October Contemporary Evening Sale on 17th October 2013. One of the artist’s most spectacular and seminal works from 1993 is estimated at £1-1.5 million ($1,6 – 2,4 million). This work presents one of the very first digitally manipulated images which would go on to […]