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Harry Potter Book Sold for $227,000 at Auction

A 1997 first edition of “Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone” annotated by J.K. Rowling sold for $227,000 at a London auction Tuesday.

A unique first edition of the novel “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” with the author notes, J. K. Rowling, sold for a record $228,000 at the London charity auction. Book from the 1997 with 22 notes and 43 original illustrations by “second thoughts” and comment of writer, has reached the highest price ever for […]

Barnett Newman’s Blue Hued Painting Sold for $43.8 Million at Sotheby’s

On May 14, an auction of contemporary art at Sotheby’s racked up $293,587,000 in sales

The highlight at the auction of contemporary art at Sotheby’s New York sale was a large 1953 painting by abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman. His blue hued painting, “Onement VI” was sold for $43.8 million and set the auction record for his work. The previous record for artist’s work was $22.4 million, paid just a […]

Gina Lollobrigida’s Jewelry Fetches $4.9 million at Auction

Gina Lollobrigida

Gina Lollobrigida or Italian actress destined to be “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”! She was selling off a jewelry collection created by Italian jewellers Bulgari to raise money for stem cell research. Her collection has fetched almost $5 million (£3.3 million) at Sotheby’s Geneva. Lollobrigida, 85, said she was “very happy that the jewels […]

Historic Waterfront Estate in Victoria on Sale for $11.9 Million


After undergone multi-million dollar renovation, historic waterfront estate in Victoria, Canada’s British Columbia became luxury property which has been listed on sale for a whopping $11.9 million. The main residence with 10,649 square feet of space which dates back from 1914 features 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, designed as blend of rustic elements with modern […]

Paul Cezanne’s Les Pommes Sold for $41.6 Million at Sotheby’s

Amedeo Modigliani's L'Amazone

Paul Cezanne’s “Les Pommes” sold for $41.6 million at Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Sale which totaled $230 million, just shy of its $235 million high estimate. The top lot, Cezanne’s “Les Pommes”, a still life by Cézanne from 1889-90 was expected to bring $25 million to $35 million. When auction began three bidders pushed […]

A 50 Years Old Bottle Of Macallan Scotch Sold For $40.460

A 50 years old bottle of Macallan Anniversary Scotch sold for $40k

The Macallan distillery is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Craigellachie, Moray. Single malt whisky is whisky distilled at a single distillery from water and malted barley but without the addition of any other cereals, and by batch distillation in pot stills. They own the title of the most expensive scotch in the world, […]

El Respiro – Luxury Polo Ranch in Buenos Aires on Sale by Sotheby’s

El Respiro - Luxury Polo Ranch

With the gaze fixed on Europe and the umbilical cord linked to America, Buenos Aires grew until it became a metropolis of Almost 13 million inhabitants. The eighth most densely populated city in the world and one of the largest. There are some clichés which describe it: the “Paris of the South” and “the birthplace […]