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Jarre AeroSkull HD Speakers

Jarre AeroSkull HD speaker dock is perfect to pep up your parties

Jarre is known for its quality and workmanship of perfect speakers. AeroSkull model of speakers stand out for their unique look and modern design. If your are fan of horror films and related topics, then you will definitely fall in love with Jarre Aeroskull speakers. They are really eye-catching and offers unusual colors, including purple, […]

Onyx Wireless Speaker by Harman Kardon

The Stand-Out Acoustic Power of Harman Kardon's Onyx Wireless Speaker

The premium wireless speaker market has been enriched with the Harman Kardon Onyx Wireless Speaker System. This circular-shaped wireless speaker is designed with connectivity in mind, with built-in Bluetooth, AirPlay, DLNA, and audio AUX-in. With 60W of power this cool gadget still manages to boast a 6 hour battery life on a single charge. Outfitted […]

Bang & Olufsen’s Trio of Wireless BeoLab Speakers

Bang & Olufsen introduces high-end wireless speakers

Bang & Olufsen started this year with its Beolab 15 & 16 systems, and finished it with a new range of luxury wireless speakers. New trio of BeoLab models – BeoLab 17, BeoLab 18 and BeoLab 19 boasts their own distinctive design and function. The BeoLab 17 has a unique, useful shape so can work […]

Transformations, Bang & Olufsen by Miya Ando – Limited Edition

Bang & Olufsen joins hands with artist Miya Ando to create special edition BeoLab 12 loudspeakers

The most recent contributor in Bang & Olufsen company is an American artist Miya Ando who has designed Transformations – a limited edition collection of our BeoLab 12 loudspeakers. This unique collaboration with the influential artist Miya Ando on the BeoLab 12 project resulted in twenty paintings on aluminium ‘canvas’ that each matches a set […]

Empire Steampunk Style Speakers

Design Air Hammer Industries, Empire Steam speakers in steampunk style are the focal point of any room

Design Air Hammer Industries, Empire Steam speakers in steampunk style are the focal point of any room. If you’re a fan of steampunk creations, these speakers are for you, a dream come true. Each octagonal loudspeaker is hand made ​​from MDF, with copper detailing, brass elements and brass screws. Otherwise, the upper parts are made […]

Revel Performa3 F206 Loudspeakers

Own It: Push Audio Boundaries With Revel Performa3 F206 Loudspeaker

Revel has introduced a new, refreshed technology and design of Performa3 series loudspeakers signed by their legendary engineer Kevin Voecks. It is composed of three detached three way models, F308, F208 and F206, the two-two “bookshelf” monitor, M106 and M105, two center speakers, three-way two way C208 and C205, “surround” speakers S206 and 2 active […]

Bang And Olufsen BeoPlay A9 NordicSky Edition

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 NordicSky edition is jazzed up with Scandinavian summer colors

Bang & Olufsen would not be what it is if they actually worked things in a conventional manner. In addition to superior quality, the Danish company has accustomed the audio-video audience to the unique combination of futurism and Scandinavian minimalist approach to design. The same is true for their new active wireless speakers labeled BeoPlay […]