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Star Wars Devon Timepiece Will Cost You $28,500

This December “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” makes it debut. One more brand is ready to welcome the newest Star Wars movie. This time it’s luxury watchmaker Devon with its Empire-themed timepiece. Star Wars Devon timepiece is actually the original Devon Tread 1 that’s been upgraded with some Star Wars flare including TIE fighter wing […]

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

If your kid, sibling or just a little friend who is the Star Wars fan who has everything, you might consider about completing their collection with this children’s bed shaped like the Millennium Falcon. Although you need $4,000, just imagine their face when see a bed styled after the iconic Star Wars spaceship. The bed […]

Sphero’s BB-8 – The Newest Star Wars Droid

Star Wars’ R2-D2 was the favorite robot in the last four decades. But, now this lovable, controllable, rolling BB-8 droid is on the throne. We’ve seen it rolling around in the trailer, but now you can your own. This tiny replica of Star Wars: The Force Awaken’s BB-8 droid that can roll and balance all […]

Now You Can Ride In Dodge Charger Star Wars Thanks To Uber

Hot Wheels showed a fleet of modified copies of the Dodge Charger model whose exterior was inspired by First Order Stormtroopers from the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Cars are prepared on the occasion of the launch of Hot Wheels new set of vehicles from the Star Wars movies. These Chargers, inter alia, have […]

Star Wars-themed Jewelry Collection by Malaika Raiss

While waiting the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens in the autumn, many are racing to create pieces made up of the best-known (and loved) characters and spaceships from the series. One of them is Berlin designer Malaika Raiss who has acquired a license from Disney-owned Lucasfilm Ltd. to create a […]

Custom-made Star Wars Death Star Home Theater

This is custom-made Star Wars Death Star Home Theater. It’s no joke, this theater is in someone’s house! The owners of this residence commissioned Doug Chiang who produced the original concepts for the theater. Who better than a Star Wars designer to design a theater based on the Death Star? The lobby of the residence […]

Life-size Han Solo in Carbonite Replica Could Be Yours for $7,000

This collectible could be the highlight of your Star Wars figure collection, since a life size Han Solo in carbonite replica is now available to buy. The replica version of Harrison Ford frozen in carbonite is just like in the movies. Standing at seven and a half feet tall, every detail is as per the […]