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Custom-made Star Wars Death Star Home Theater

Custom-made Star Wars Death Star Home Theater

This is custom-made Star Wars Death Star Home Theater. It’s no joke, this theater is in someone’s house! The owners of this residence commissioned Doug Chiang who produced the original concepts for the theater. Who better than a Star Wars designer to design a theater based on the Death Star? The lobby of the residence […]

Life-size Han Solo in Carbonite Replica Could Be Yours for $7,000

Complete your Star Wars collection with this life-size Han Solo in Carbonite replica on sale for $7000

This collectible could be the highlight of your Star Wars figure collection, since a life size Han Solo in carbonite replica is now available to buy. The replica version of Harrison Ford frozen in carbonite is just like in the movies. Standing at seven and a half feet tall, every detail is as per the […]

Han Solo’s Laser Gun Could Fetch $200,000 at Online Auction

Han Solo’s Star Wars blaster pistol might auction for a cool $300,000

Stormtrooper helmet signed by George Lucas recently sold for $245,000. But, hey fans, don’t despair! One other piece of Star Wars history still waiting for you – the laser gun made famous by Han Solo is up for auction and it’s expected to fetch between $200,000 – $300,000. The non-firing, lightweight blaster was created for […]

Original Stormtrooper Helmet Signed by George Lucas Sold for $245,000 at Charity Auction

George Lucas signed Stromtrooper helmet fetches a whopping $245,000 at Sotheby’s (Red) auction

When some Star Wars memorabilia are offered on sale, interest of fans and collectors is always huge. Such was the case at the recent Sotheby’s (RЕD) auction for the Global Fund, which fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, which raised over $26 million in donations and matching contributions. The higlight of the sale was original Stormtrooper […]

Star Wars Gold Darth Vader and Yoda Cufflinks at Neiman Marcus

Gold Darth Vader and Yoda cufflinks by Neiman Marcus for Star Wars Fans

Neiman Marcus brings you a collection of fashionable men’s jewelry in the form of unique cufflinks, part of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Gift Book 2013. The limited edition cufflinks are perfect accessories for true Star Wars fans. Darth Vader 14k Gold Star Wars Cuff Links and Yoda 14k Gold Star Wars Cuff Links are made […]

Pants From Star Wars Sold For $36,100

Mark Hamill's Screen-Worn Hero Pants in the Original 1977 ''Star Wars'' as Luke Skywalker

Pants who actor Mark Hamill, who revived the character of Luke Skywalker, wearing in the first movie “Star Wars” sold for $36,100 according to the Nate D Sanders Auctioneer. Young Jedi Luke Skywalker wore regular “Levis” sand color throughout the film in 1977 directed by George Lucas. Pants were estimated at $70,000 to $100,000, and […]

Star Wars Stormtrooper Figurine with Your Face

3D Stormtrooper figurine

Popularity of Star Wars continues unabated. If you ever wanted to look like as a Star Wars action figure, here is your chance. You just have to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the next few weekends, you can be immortalized as a 3D Stormtrooper figurine.   For only $99.95 (plus shipping and taxes) and 10 […]