Retro Sony XDR-S16DBP Radio

Its a simple set, in a wooden enclosure with rounded sides, a DAB / DAB + and FM tuner, and that was it. No additional ports, iPod docks, entrances to other music players. A couple of knobs, antenna, and quiet tones of a vacation in a cottage. Its made for those who do not like to complicate things too much.

Sony XDR-S16DBP Radio

Sony XDR-S16DBP Radio reproduced clear stereo sound from the 0.8W+0.8W stereo speakers. The 16×2 character LCD display gives a clear readout of DAB/DAB+ channel and programme information. There is also a Sleep Timer who switches off the radio after a preset delay, saving power if you are sleeping in bed. There’s also a headphone jack for listening your favourite radio shows in private.

Sony XDR-S16DBP, A DAB+ Radio With Elegant Retro Look

Cybertecture Mirror – World’s First Intelligent Mirror

Cybertecture Mirror Cybertecture Mirror Building on the same principles as the Luxurite 82″ Glass TV which doubles as a giant mirror for your board room, the Cybertecture Mirror hides a great deal of technology behind its shiny surface. The Cybertecture Mirror may look like yet another vapor-rich concept, but it’s actually just had its launch in Hong Kong, is set to start taking pre-orders in December, and will be shipped by the middle of next year. Designed to be fitted into your bathroom, the Cybertecture Mirror is designed by James Law and hides an Internet-connected computing system behind the 800mm x 500mm reflective glass surface. The mirror boasts of an inforgraphic display, stereo speakers, and it is completely fog-resistant glass! The smart Cybertecture mirror connects to a cloud based digital profile that delivers current information such as weather forecasts and flight information. So get updated on the daily news while you do your makeup or even brush your teeth. It will even display readings presented from a scale to help you monitor your weight.

iTraveler Transportable Audio System – High Quality Sound on the Move

Ingenious Audio’s iTraveler Loudspeaker System

Ingenious Audio’s iTraveler Loudspeaker System

The Ingenious Audio iTraveler Loudspeaker System is ideal for travelers who want to enjoy the high quality sound on the move. Designed to work with iPod and other MP3 players, the iTraveler consists of two separate powered stereo speakers offering amazing sound quality. As opposed to the great majority of portable MP3 loudspeakers, iTraveler speakers achieve a true stereo image. These components comprise of powerful neodymium magnets drivers which have been equalized, offering an extremely flat frequency response that your discerning ears will appreciate. A NiMh rechargeable battery system is said to provide up to 12 hours of playback, and if the situation arises, you can always split both speakers to suit your convenience.

Samsung i8910 HD Gold Edition – First Smartphone Equipped with 720P HD Video

The Samsung I8910 HD Gold Edition brings together high performance, style, multimedia and functionality in one device. This special edition comes in two fashionable colors — Champagne Gold and Luxury Brown — both of which are inlayed with 24 karat gold, giving the device an extra touch of style.

Samsung i8910 HD Gold

The Gold Edition package also includes a leather case, together with special accessories including a mini-cradle and TV-out cable to enhance its superb multimedia features. At the same time, the device also comes with high performance capabilities, including HD quality (720p) video capture, a 3.7-inch auto-rotating AMOLED display for a great viewing experience. Users can enjoy HD content on an HDTV via DLNA technology and share real-time live video via the video sharing site The 16:9 screen with 16 million colors and dual stereo speakers allow users to experience SD (Standard Definition) and HD videos in cinema-scale quality.