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    Perrier’s Limited edition L’Atlas-inspired Bottles

    Perrier Canada collaborated with renowned street artist L’Atlas on a limited edition collection: Perrier Inspired by Street Art. Following a collaboration in 2014 with three international stars of the street art movement, Perrier has commissioned Parisian street artist L’Atlas to create artwork for a limited edition series of cans and bottles. L’Atlas, whose work is […] More

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    Perrier Inspired by Street Art Limited Edition Collection

    Perrier is one of the companies who noticed the significance of street art in contemporary visual culture. So, this renowned French brand of bottled mineral water teamed up with three leading international contemporary and street artists to release its all-new Street Art limited edition collection. JonOne, Kobra and Sasu are three selected street artists involved […] More

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    Os Gemeos Hennessy Limited Edition Bottle

    Hennessy has teamed up with Brazilian twin brothers, Os Gemeos, to customize the bottle of Cognac. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, the Os Gemeos, are internationally renowned street artists, who count hip-hop and American graffiti as early inspirations. Their surreal murals of landscapes and various flattened characters have gotten them major recognition, exhibitions, and commissions, including […] More