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MacBook Decorated with Swarovski Crystal Dazzles at 2010 Mac User Conference

Stuart Hughes has made a name for himself by designing and crafting gem-studded gadgets that are grabbed by the wealthy consumers. But Stuart has serious competition now. Nam Jung Gwan is a new name for the people but he proved that he is not a beginner when it comes to playing with Swarovski crystals. At […]

Ipad Supreme Fire Edition by Stuart Hughes – The Worlds First 24ct Gold iPad

Stuart Hughes unveils a new and luxury modified iPad version with the iPad Supreme Fire Edition. It is made entirely of finest 24ct gold. Stuart Hughes take a regular 64GB iPad WiFi + 3G and replace the back panel and surround with a single piece of solid 24ct gold, weighing in at 2,500 grams. A […]

Amosu Couture Gold iPad – A More Glamorous Version of the Apple iPad

While the Stuart Hughes iPad Supreme Editions command respect and an astronomical price, there are other ways to glamorize your brand-new tech toy.  Customized cell phone shop Amosu is now offering iPads with backs plated in 24 carat gold. Unlike the Stuart Hughes’ version, the gilded iPad means the case of the original device remain. […]

Stuart Hughes’ iPhone 4G Diamond and Gold Edition

Apple has been launched iPhone 4G last month and Stuart Hughes has added its latest luxury phone collections, the iPhone 4G Diamond Edition and iPhone 4G Gold Edition. The iPhone 4G Diamond Edition comes with an Apple logo made of diamonds and platinum, a few colorful diamonds for the letter ‘F’ and also a good […]

MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition by Stuart Hughes – The Most Expensive Apple MacBook in the World

If you felt that the Stuart Hughes’ MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition or MacBook Air Supreme Fire Edition was not enough to satisfy your urge for solid opulence, this one is just for you. Stuart Hughes has designed the most expensive Apple MacBook in the World. Christened, MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition, it is the […]

World’s Most Expensive Suit by Stuart Hughes

The man who has an incredible affinity towards gold and diamonds, Stuart Hughes, has finally taken a new road in creating extremely luxurious products for the insanely rich. Mr. Hughes, who is normally associated with the world’s most expensive mobile phone and has been in the business of making ordinary gadgets and gizmos into extraordinary […]

Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition by Stuart Hughes

From Robert Gulpen of Munich and Stuart Hughes of Liverpool comes this Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition that fetched a hefty £2 million ($2.9 million). This scale model weighs approx 7kg and is made in 24k gold and platinum with a diamond front from 7.2 carats and took 2 months to finish. The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition, […]