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    The BBC Archives: 1962-1970 Hardcover Book Of The Beatles

    The Beatles were almost self-created pop music as we know it. Today, their songs inspired many pop and rock stars. Quartet from Liverpool changed the world by giving the voice to their time. Towards marking half a century since the release of their first album, on October 29 it will be released The Beatles / […] More

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    New Studio Headphones By Beats Electronics

    Headphones made ​​for enjoyment. Professional quality sound developed in collaboration with Dr Dre, allows you to enjoy your favorite music like never before. Natural sound and advanced design are what characterizes the Beats headphones. Producers promise a memorable customer experience when listening the music with high-quality bass without distortion and crystal-clear sound when playing mid […] More

  • MIGALOO Private submersible yacht by motion code blue

    Migaloo, Submarine Superyacht

    With one of its latest designs, Motion Code: Blue design studio  adds something new to the world of nautics. Its a 115 M private submersible yacht concept, based on the idea to transform the well known hull design of a submarine into a superyacht. All common features of a superyacht are given, plus the additional […] More

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    New Box Sets of Moody Blues, ZZ Top and Alman Brothers

    June will be a very rich with musical releases. For those who love music, especially Moody Blues, ZZ Top and the Allman Brothers, this month will be a feast for the ears. These quality box sets are going to bring joy to your home. It certainly will not be pleasant for your neighbors. Moody Blues’ Timeless […] More

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    Bang & Olufsen Sound System For New BMW X5

    Like BMW 6 Series and 7 Series and the new BMW X5 has got a Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound. It is the first-ever BMW SUV to be fitted with the unique Bang & Olufsen sound and the first BMW model with Bang & Olufsen sound to be produced in the USA. New sound […] More

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    Lamborghini Pregunta on Sale for $2.1 Million

    Throughout its history, Lamborghini has envisioned and presented a variety of concept cars, beginning in 1963 with the very first Lamborghini prototype, the 350GTV. Other famous models include Bertone’s 1967 Marzal, 1974 Bravo, and 1980 Athon, Chrysler’s 1987 Portofino, the Italdesign-styled Cala from 1995, the Zagato-built Raptor from 1996, and Lamborghini Pregunta from 1998. Nowdays […] More

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    Casey Kasem’s Holmby Hills Estate for Sale at $42 Million

    American Top 40 host and Shaggy in Scooby-Doo, Casey Kasem and his wife Jean Kasem listed his Los Angeles estate for sale. They purchased the property in 1989 for a mere $1.725 million and now they listed house in Holmby Hills for a staggering $42 million. Casey bought the property for Jean when she was […] More

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    Pinewood Studios Acquired By Billionaire Island Resident

    John Whittaker Pinewood Shepperton, film studios used for the James Bond and Harry Potter movies has been sold to the largest shareholder and property tycoon John Whittaker. John Whittaker, chairman of Peel Group has purchased the studios at the value of £96 million. The 75-year-old studio, which is also home to the Batman and the […] More