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Rare 1993 Bugatti EB110 GT At Auction

Bugatti EB110 GT from 1993 will be auctioned next week in Scottsdale, Arizona organized by RM Auctions. This specimen is the sixth of a total of 139 produced, and according to the seller, is in an exceptional condition. The car have had only one owner, and crossed only 8,235 miles. The auction will be held […]

Supercar Barnard BTR With 2000HP

These days, the supercar of 700 horsepower is not an “exotica”, but with 1100, and especially 2000 “horses”, makes a drastic difference! When we talking about supercars, the name of the South African company Barnard, almost anywhere is not mentioned, but, it is, in fact, a true injustice, because Barnard produces “runners” for the last […]

Pagani Zonda 760RSJX

Pagani China Automotive Limited (PCAL), has in Hong Kong, delivered last Pagani Zonda model from the 760-series, called Zonda 760RSJX. The buyer is a Chinese collector of supercars, and the car is in pastel green color with pastel green calipers, racing stripe in the colors of the Italian flag, as well as a leather interior […]

Serial Lexus LF-LC Is Coming

LF-LC concept will in the near future become part of the standard Lexus offer, confirmed Toyota’s representatives. Some sources have claimed that Lexus with this concept, in fact preparing the market for a successor of LFA super sports, but it seems, that news have nothing to do with the truth. At Lexus, in fact, confirmed […]

Hurry Up, Only Two More Copies Of Gemballa Mirage GT Are Left On Sale

Porsche has made only 1,270 pieces of Carrera GT models, while the Gemballa prepared a series of only 25 copies of this car. Gemballa has sold 23 pieces, so for potential buyers are available only two more copies. Gemballa Mirage GT, inter alia, highlights the aero body package of carbon fiber, new exhaust system, as […]

Pagani Huayra Dinastia Special Edition

Pagani, to mark the start of work Pagani China Automotive Limited (PCAL) in China, has announced a new special edition model Huayra, whose production will be limited to an exclusive series of only three pieces. Horacio Pagani himself chose three colors (blue, green and red) which will be available for Huayra Dinastia special edition, which […]

New Dutch Silvermine 11SR Track Car

Beside many new cars, here’s one that could be more attractive in comparison to other, somewhat identical models, which are on the market. Silvermine 11SR is a new roadster, that will be produced in Netherlands starting next year, although in a very limited edition. For its occurrence is credited Frank van Rouendal, to whom the […]