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That is (not) how you sell Lamborghini Aventador

For sale: The Lamborghini Aventador was spotted on London's Sloane Street with a sign written in Arabic

Lamborghini Aventador is a car whose owners are hardly reluctant to sell, while potential buyers often spend a lot of time on the waiting list, not to mention its astronomical prices that will eventually pay. All the more intriguing sight on the streets of West London, is a parked Aventador wearing a handwritten sign “for […]

2014 Ferrari 458 Scuderia Set for Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

2014 Ferrari 458 Scuderia

Rumor has for a long time about new Ferrari 458, and as things stand now, this model will be able to meet the general public in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 2014 Ferrari 458 has possible three names, Scuderia, Monte Carlo or Challenge Stradale. To the selected clients, however, the 458 Scuderia will […]

Lamborghini Unveils Egoista Concept Car

Lamborghini unveils priceless Egoista concept car - but it only seats one

For fiftieth anniversary, Lamborghini has introduced a unique car with only one seat and a suitable name – Egoista. The concept of each supercar is such that the most satisfaction provides to one who sits in front of the wheel. The Lamborghini therefore deduce that the second seat is completely unnecessary and decided to expel […]

Move to Asia to Stay in the Race for McLaren P1

McLaren P1 Winter Testing in Sweden

As things stand now, the British automaker, McLaren, has reached the point where it no longer taking orders for the new model because, despite the fact that its specifications are not known, P1 is already sold out. Moreover, even those who have paid a deposit for the car, do not have full information on the model […]

New Mazzanti Evantra V8 Supercar

Mazzanti Evantra V8

A new player in the world of supercars comes from Italy. Mazzanti Automobili recently unveiled, at the prestigious Top Marques show in Monaco, its new Evantra V8 model. They presented the final (standard) version of super sport Italian car manufacturer Mazzanti Cars, founded by Luca Mazzanti and Zsolt Tarnok (responsible for the design). Presented as a prototype […]

SSC Aero II Tuatara – Created to Break the Records

SSC Aero II Tuatara

A car that has been created to break records. Remember the name Tuatara. According to the plans of its manufacturer, the company Shelby SuperCarsa North America, it will be the next most powerful and fastest production car in the world. The SSC North America say they have finished testing the new twin-turbo V8 engine that […]

Unique Icona Vulcano for $2 Million

The Icona Vulcano brings together different skills and expertise of a very Italian tradition.

At the Motor Show in Shanghai Italian manufacturer of Supercar, Icona, presented Vulcano. For exclusive possession of so far only produced copies its owner will have to set aside two million. For the emergence of Vulcano is responsible Cecomp company, which manufactures body and chassis of supercar, which is one of the founders of the […]