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Swarovski Studded Kinect Sensor – Can You Dance Better than Kylie Minogue?


Swarovski Studded Kinect Sensor Microsoft is now going all out to make sure that their Kinect Sensor is getting all the attention it needs. They have sponsored Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue’s European tour in association with Dance Central. Hand-crafted by PlayBling and studded with more than 6,000 Swarowsky Elements crystals, the Kylie Minogue Kinect is […]

Swarovski Shined Center Stage at the 83rd Academy Awards


LOS ANGELES, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The elegant, modern set of the 83rd Academy Awards®, designed by Steve Bass, prominently featured shimmering Swarovski crystals, which intensified this year’s radiant display of Hollywood stars. A Tinseltown staple in every way, Swarovski crystals enhanced not only the set, but also the atmosphere of this prestigious Awards […]

UGG Boots Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals


UGG Australia Boots with Swarovski Crystals – New York City UGG Australia has teamed up with Swarovski to create amaizing boots inspired by majorAmerican and international markets, such as New York, Los Angeles and the U.K. The limited edition UGG boots describes a different encrysted style design for each of the follwing cities: New York, […]

Swarovski Baby Bathtub – Luxury Bath For Your Pet


Swarovski Baby Bathtub Designer, Lori Gardner has already introduced the extremely luxurious Diamond Bathtub that is adorned by precious Swarovski crystals. Now she do the same thing, just in mini form, adapted to your pet. New, Diamond Baby Bathtub allows your pet splashing in the lap of luxury.It comes with rose pink Swarovski crystals placed […]

Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse by Goldgenie for Geeky Bling Lovers


Goldgenie’s Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse Just get ready to add a lavish and shining style into your personal computer. Goldgenie’s Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse is a high quality, compact car mouse with chrome style wheels that has been ergonomically designed for ease of comfort. The mouse features the world’s smallest 19mm USB receiver, even smaller […]

Heart Coin Purse Bijoux By Louis Vuitton Spreading The Spirit Of Valentine`s Day


Louis Vuitton Heart Coin Purse One in a series thing in the shape of a heart just before Valentine’s Day. Louis Vuition also follows this trend and launched Heart Coin Purse Bijoux. This sparkling purse is made from Monogram Vernis leather. This has been adorned with handmade precious stones from Swarovski. If you look closer […]

New Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Swarovski Tyrol 8×20 Binoculars


Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Swarovski Tyrol 8×20 Binoculars A golden year like fifthy needs to be celebrated in style, dazzle and special memories. Cabela exactly had that in mind when they launched a special limited edition set of Swarovski Tyrol 8×20 Binoculars. Named after an Austrian region known for its beauty and history, these special-edition 8×20 binoculars […]