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The Swarovski Rhinestoned Marlboro Phone Simply Dazzles

Swarovski Marlboro Phone

Swarovski Marlboro Phone Marlboro cigarette pack-shaped cellphone is ideal for those who love all that is shiny and bright, whether they are smokers or not. Swarovski Malboro Phone is hand-embellished with over 1,000 Swarovski Rhinestones, and features a secret compartment that will fit up to 7 cigarettes (or cash, credit cards, or whatever you want […]

Limited Edition Luxury Easter Eggs By Swarovski and Guido Gobino

Limited Edition Easter Eggs By Swarovski and Guido Gobino

Swarovski and Guido Gobino’s Limited Edition Easter Eggs Swarovski and Guido Gobino, the renowned Italian chocolate maker teamed up to create luxury Limited Edition Easter Eggs. Easter is getting closer, and in order to celebrate it, these two brands have decided to make only 100 pieces of these beautiful eggs. Created from the finest aromatic […]

BIC Cristal Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Dress Made From 1.200 BIRO Pens And 2000 Swarovski Crystals

Ink-redible: Dress Made From 1,200 BIC Pens

Dress Made From 1,200 BIC Pens What you get when you connect the BIC pens and Swarovski crystals? It’s really not a trick question. You get the dress worth £10,000 ($14,000)! BIC Cristal celebrates 60th anniversary this month and to commemorate this designer Annette Carey has created an extraordinary garment. She has created a mesmerizing […]

iPhone 4 White Chic Edition Embellished with Platinum and Swarovski Crystal

iPhone 4 White Chic Edition BY gOLDSTRIKER

iPhone 4 White Chic Edition After designing £5 million iPad2 Gold History Edition, Stuart Hughes and Goldstriker has now choose to lay his focus back on the iPhone. Their new creation is an iPhone4 White Chic Edition. The exclusively crafted iPhone is hand completed with over 500 Swarovski stones on the bezel absolutely luxuries. The […]

Michael Jackson Stage Worn “Triumph” Tour Swarovski Studded Riding Helmet up for Sale


Michael Jackson’s “Bad” Album Cover Worn Gloves and “Triumph” Tour Crystal Studded Riding Helmet This incredible Swarovski lochrosen stone crystal studded black velvet Riding Helmet was worn by Michael Jackson during his 1981 “Triumph” tour. Custom-made for MJ, the helmet bears the Pop King’s name printed on a 2. 1.5 tag sewed on the inside with […]

Limited Edition Handmade Pasotti Umbrellas with Swarovski Crystal

Limited Edition Pasotti Umbrellas with Swarovski Crystals

Limited Edition Pasotti Umbrellas Italian maker, Pasotti Ombrelli is known for its skilled craftsmanship and the quality of its materials. Adored by celebrities all over the world, Pasotti Ombrelli fashion umbrellas are handcrafted in Italy for over 50 years. The family owned company was started in 1956 and concentrates on limited edition umbrellas. Pasotti Ombrelli […]

First Swarovski iPad 2 by CrystalRoc


Swarovski iPad 2 Case by CrystalRoc CrystalRoc rocked the geeks by rolling out world’s first Swarovski-studded iPad. Like its predecessor, the Apple iPad 2 is going to be the prime target of haute couture brands and designers. While you have to wait a few more days before you could lay your hands on the Apple’s […]