Kate’s Wedding Dress Recreated in Just Five Hours

Princ William and Kate Middleton Princ William and Kate Middleton

Barely five hours after Kate began her drive to Westminster Abbey to marry Prince William, a family tailoring firm in London had put the final touches to a replica of her wedding dress.

(AFP – LONDON) – The Alexander McQueen gown worn by the new Duchess of Cambridge was one of the highlights of the royal wedding and copies are expected to be made across the world.  But the bride may have been surprised at how fast the work began.  As soon as she was in the car, we started to identify what the lace was like and try to find as close a copy as possible, said Raul Echeverria, owner of Alterations Boutique in Marylebone. When she stepped out of the Rolls-Royce in front of the abbey a few minutes later, revealing the full Alexander McQueen gown of ivory satin and lace, the team went into overdrive.  We looked at the pictures on the television screen and once we identified what fabric we required, then we went to our suppliers and tried to match the fabrics, Echeverria told AFP.

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