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    $6,400 Numi Smart Toilet By Kohler – High-Tech Throne

    Kohler’s Numi Smart Toilet Technologies advancing by the day. Usually think about smartphones and laptops and the last thing we think about is bathroom area. Kohler’s Numi Toilet has made ​​significant progress in that field. Kohler calls the Numi a toilet, but it looks more like a piece of high-end kitchen equipment. For $6,400, I […] More

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    Inax Regio Smart Toilets Cleans after You

    Inax Regio Smart Toilets Produced by Inax,Regio Smart Toilet will allow you not to scrub dirty toilet every day. What seems like a normal but well-designed toilet hides inside a smart brain that can detect your action and do the needful. Yea, you heard that right. Regio here is tuned to sense your steps and […] More