The Pooch Escape – Holiday for Dog Costs $73,500

Preparations for the summer is coming to an end, and you already take into account how much money would spend for this summer. If you want to treat yourself and your pet, how do you feel about this offer? In cooperation with a prestigious hotel chain for pets, Paw Seasons, 
VeryFirstTo has devised for this summer an incredible journey for the dogs. Price, a breeze, only $73,500. The Pooch Escape It is a journey just for dogs, and their owners will have to let their pets alone in the journey. However, the owners does not need to worry about their safety and enjoyment, because during this stay in luxury hotels, professionals, physical therapists, cooks and trainers, will take care of the dogs carefully. The package includes overnight stays at top “Paw Seasons” hotel, films such as “101 Dalmatians” and “Lassie”, a personal chef, surfing lessons, long walks on the beach, ice cream on the beach and various trainings. For making them feel like being at home, the dogs get a replica of their owners house where they can sleep. Pets will also receive gifts and costly clothes that are specially created for them by Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta. It is remarkable that almost one-fifth of the amount paid for dog holiday goes into a fund to deal with canine cancer research and finding a cure for that disease. The Pooch Escape The Pooch Escape

The Nexersys Boxing System

Train with pleasure with the new Nexersys Boxing System. It is a great alternative to a personal trainer when it comes to both boxing and MMA training. System comes in 3 main models, Home Model, Pro Model and Commercial Model with range of price from $3,000 and $7,000. The Nexersys Home is ideally suited for family fitness, including young adults and beginners, but is also suitable for avid exercisers. No matter your fitness level, Nexersys helps you fight for the body you want.
The Nexersys Boxing System The Nexersys Pro is a major upgrade for the more serious athlete, including a more rugged design as well as touch-screen interaction and other features suitable for professional training. The NXS-P still has multi-user features and is the equipment of choice for the elite athlete. The Nexersys Commercial is specially designed for the commercial gym, with heavier frame and walk-up software features such as Try Me and Quick Start. Nexersys has combined MMA/Boxing-inspired High Intensity Interval Training (‘HIIT’) with intelligent, interactive programming into one revolutionary piece of fitness equipment. The Nexersys Boxing System reinvents the boxing equipment like never before The Nexersys Boxing System reinvents the boxing equipment like never before The Nexersys Boxing System reinvents the boxing equipment like never before The Nexersys Boxing System