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Urwerk UR-106 Lotus – First Ever Women’s Watch

Urwerk watches are commonly known as amazing mechanical, complicated and bold creations. So, no wonder why their watches are not seen as feminine. Until now. Geneva-based brand officially entered into the world of ladies’ watches. The Urwerk UR-106 Lotus is brand’s first ever women’s watch. This new timepiece combines Urwerk’s signature satellite hour display with […]

URWERK Unveils Two Models of UR-105M Inspired by the Middle Ages

URWERK unveils two models inspired by the Middle Ages, an era when knights in shining armor would risk their lives for honor and glory, with only their faith and shield for protection. R-105M “Iron Knight” and “Black Knight” embodies their gallant valor in a titanium and steel arena, the satellite revolving hours conquering time in […]

Urwerk EMC Watch Will Cost Around $120,000

Urwerk is smaller Geneva-based manufacturer of luxury watches. At a time when everything around us are labeled, smart, Urwerk are in accordance with those made the first smart mechanical clockwork. If we can have a smart, TV, washing machine, car, why we don’t have such a mechanical watch. Swiss watchmakers have made a mechanism called […]

C3H5N3O9 Experiment ZR012 Watch by MB&F and Urwerk

While it isn’t always the case that competing watch brands are friendly with one another, it most certainly is the case with high-end independent brands MB&F and Urwerk. The cooperation between two of the world’s most innovative watch brands is unique and the result is simply awesome! C3H5N3O9 Experiment ZR012 Watch, the name itself gives you idea, […]

Two Novelties from URWERK – UR-110 ST and UR-110 TTH

This month, URWERK is releasing two new editions of its UR-110 Torpedo, the timepiece that won the 2011 Grand Prix de Genève prize for Best Design Watch. The UR-110 TTH  features a super strong case hull composed of Tantalum, while the UR-110 ST bears a distinctively grooved AlTiN bezel. In the UR-110 TTH and the UR-110 ST, […]

Limited Edition UR-110 ZrN Torpedo Watch From Urwerk

Urwerk has just released its new, rare watch, named Champagne Supernova – a limited edition of its popular UR-110 ZrN Torpedo timepiece. The only difference between the limited edition watch and the regular version is colors. New limited edition model has a case color that looks like champagne, which indicates its name. Only 12 of these […]

Urwerk UR-103 Phoenix to be Auctioned for Only Watch 2011 Charity Auction

Continuing to previews of the one-of-a-kind watches to be auctioned for Only Watch 2011 Charity Auction, today we look at the Urwerk UR-103 Phoenix. The uniquely designed watch comes in a white gold case, hand-decorated by master engraver and artist Jean-Vincent Huguenin. The rotating satellite complication is the heart and soul of the 103 series of […]