World’s First Champagne Vending Machine by Moet & Chandon

It was really a matter of time when it will be unveiled world’s first champagne vending machine.
Moet & Chandon, give us that privilege to enjoy luxury bubbles, served to ‘drink and buy’ from their new machine. As expected from previous collaboration between famous champagne brand and Selfridges, the extravagant dispenser filled with 350 200ml bottles of Moet & Chandon has been installed in Christmas section of department store in London. MOËT-&-CHANDON-CHAMPAGNE-VENDING-MACHINE-1 Dawn Davies, from Selfridges, said: “This year, Selfridges have taken Christmas to a whole new level, transforming the entire fourth floor into a one-stop destination for gifting. The inclusion of the world’s first Moet vending machine makes a decadent addition to our Christmas emporium.” Priced at £18 ($29), each mini bottle is decorated with 350 deco-inspired Swarovski crystals. Also forget about using coins. Instead of outdated ways of shop, you’ll have to purchase tokens at a special counter. And if you’re bit afraid of smashing precious bottle, don’t worry, the machine uses a special robotic arm that transfers the champagne safely. This is the latest in a line of luxury vending machines to be unveiled. We already seen caviar vending machine. MOËT-&-CHANDON-CHAMPAGNE-VENDING-MACHINE-2  

Caviar Vending Machine Finally Arrived In Los Angeles

Just in time for Holidays, Caviar Vending Machine has arrived in Los Angeles. Incredibly, but City of Angels is the latest city where these “caviar boutiques” arrived. Moscow had them more than two years ago. All lovers of caviar with enough money, but with the lack of time for booking in some finest Los Angeles’ caviar restaurants, can enjoy in this luxury delicacy from caviar vending machines, located in Westfield Century City, Westfield Topanga and Burbank Town Center.
Caviar Vending Machine

Beverly Hills Caviar has unveiled its first touch-screen vending machine at the Burbank Towne Center

Beside caviar stocked from all over the world, these vending machines also offer truffles, escargot, Bellinis, bottarga blinis, gourmet salts and caviar accessories, such as oils, gourmet salts, as well as utensils made of mother of pearl so as not to interfere with the taste of the delicacy. So, Angelenos can finally  drop hundreds of dollars at vending machines in local malls and buy 28 grams of Imperial River Beluga Caviar for $500, or a pink mother of pearl spoon for $4! Other unusual vending machines include one that makes and dispenses “authentic” pizza in less than three minutes, and a marijuana-selling machine that was seized recently in New Zealand.