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    Mini One Cabrio by Vilner

    Bulgarian design studio, Vilner and their newly opened Art Studio Vilner – China, a few days before Christmas represent a modified Mini Cooper Convertible model. As a base was used Mini Cooper Convertible from 2010, with a 1.6 liter engine and 90 HP / 140 Nm, and of course, the most attention was dedicated on […] More

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    British Morgan Plus 8 Model By Vilner

    Bulgarian specialists for the interior modifications, Vilner, presents its new creation, British Morgan Plus 8 model with dressed up interior. More precisely, it is a 2003 Morgan Plus 8 35th Anniversary edition model, which on this occasion has got completely modified leather interior, and made this car, which will be produced in limited edition of […] More

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    Hummer H2 By Vilner

    Vilner, a Bulgarian specialist to modify the interior of the vehicle, presents Hummer H2. And this time, Vilner modification is mostly based on the interior, so we get a chance to see another masterpiece that comes from this tuner house. In short, two-tone interior comes in yellow and black leather with Alcantara, yellow stitching and […] More

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    Vilner Ducati Diavel AMG

    Bulgarian tuner Studio Vilner has revealed a special version of the Ducati Diavel AMG motorcycle, not because they did not like the original configuration of this model, but because, the client whose motorcycle is, wanted a unique and most expensive version of the motorcycle in the world. However, rework such a motorcycle, on which was […] More

  • Aprilia Stingray by Vilner Custom Bike

    Vilner Aprilia Stingray

    When not meet the needs of spendthrift car owners from China, Russia and other parts of the world, Bulgarian design house Vilner likes to apply its styling expertise on motorcycles. Their most recent project is called Vilner Aprilia Stingray. It’s actually 2010 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R wich Vilner has upgraded to be more aggressive, bold […] More

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    The Italian Job – Mini Cooper S Inspired By Bentley

    Vilner’s Bentley Inspired Mini Cooper S Bulgarian customiser Vilner decided to transform the Mini’s interior into that of a Bentley model, after seeing the special edition – the Mini Cooper S “Inspired by Goodwood” by Rolls-Royce, a model based off a standard Mini Cooper S and inspired by Rolls Royce’s design elements. Vilner named the […] More