Mont Blanc Meisterstuck iPhone Case – Turn Your iPhone into One Stylish Accessory

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck iPhone Case Mont Blanc Meisterstuck iPhone Case Montblanc are best known for their excellent pens and watches, however they also have a range of very high quality leather goods, of which this Meisterstück iPhone Case is the latest addition. The high-quality black leather molded case comes complete with Montblanc star logo letting onlookers know you shun silicon skin style cases. The Meisterstück iPhone Case doesn’t appear on the Mont Blanc website as yet, but there is a chance it may be for sale in a Montblanc boutiques, however there is no mention of price for this little gem. Bear in mind that their Meisterstuck wallets are pretty much all £150 ($235)-plus, so it’s unlikely this will be cheap.

Bellroy Wallets – Quality and Functionality Before Flash and Bling

Bellroy Take out Wallet Bellroy Take out Wallet Bellroy has a different approach than some to the idea of luxury. They think it’s less about flash and bling and more about quality and perfectly designed function. Their new Wallet Line was carefully designed from the ground up to address overlooked details like thinner leathers to reduce bulk and revised shapes to better fit your cards. A lot of considered design in minimizing bulk was implemented to ensure a nice clean and streamline package. The debut collection comes in a few different sizes based on your needs and cards.