Amsterdam Canal Aqua – Limited Edition Bottles of Water from Amsterdam Canals

The city of Amsterdam celebrates the 400th anniversary of its canal district and for that occasion releases a set of designed bottles – Amsterdam Canal Aqua. This unique souvenir was created by
Iris Worldwide and include four different bottles, each filled with water that is taken from the most recognizable Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel canals. Labels on the back of the bottle tell a tale about the construction of each canal. There’s also a QR code that, when scanned, shows where exactly the water in the bottle has been taken from. Amsterdam celebrates 400th anniversary with bottled canal water “The project was inspired by the 400-year anniversary of the canals,” said Glenn Doherty, an Art Director and Designer from Iris’ Amsterdam office. Built in the early 17th century, the famous canal district of Amsterdam has become an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. 20 bottles have been produced in the first edition, and more are expected to be made in short order. Priced at €50 ($69) per bottle, Amsterdam Canal Aqua is available at selected stores in Amsterdam. Amsterdam celebrates 400th anniversary with bottled canal water

1950 BMW Berlin III Speedboat At Bonhams

All from the Italian prancing horse to the German powered speedboat,
Bonhams will offer at the auction on October. Designed for driving pleasure 1950 BMW Berlin III speedboat is a stunning visual work of art on the water, with all the refinements that you’d find in a BMW automobile today. From all cars at the auction, this speedboat certainly stand out from the others. It is expected to fetch at least $350,000 during the auction. Own It: $35K 1950 BMW Berlin III Speedboat The 1950 Berlin III BMW Speedboat is one of a few restored BMW speedboats a buyer can find today, and possibly the oldest model available. It is a small vessel, built for one passenger. It isn’t built for cruises, it’s built for speed and class for a single rider. Bonhams will offer this vessel at the Belgium event in at the Zoute Grand Prix Rally and the Zoute Concours d’Elegance.

Nygard Cay Beach Resort On Bahamas

Quiet coves and quiet beaches the Bahamas offer visitors the most intimate moments of almost heavenly space, which represents about 700 palm islands. Baptized by Columbus as – baja mar (meaning “shallow water”), this island with its stunning color shades of sand and sea, which involves space Color range from turquoise to pink sparkling rose, are a real mirror of the Caribbean. Crystal clear water nad kept secret of ancient shipwrecks and coral reefs colors of the rainbow.
Nygard Cay Beach Resort- Most Expensive in the World Pastel-colored shells, partially built houses further beautify the tropical landscape interspersed with untouched coastline and exotic song birds. The luxurious resorts meet the needs of the international jet-set, but not disturb the natural beauty of the island. You can feel all of this in new Providence on Bahamas in Nygard Cay Beach Resort for $42,000 for a week. You can choose private limousine or Hummer to transfer you from Nassau International Airport. Nygard Cay Beach Resort has two pools, Jacuzzi, tennis courts, volleyball courts and 10 ultra modern bedrooms with 24 seat movie theatre. You can also test your fishing skills with 3 fishing boats which resort owns. Rich and the famous have often visited the resort like Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro, Sean Connery and former American President, George H.W Bush. The Canadian owner, Peter Nygard, has a privately owned Boeing 727 who is available to pick up groups of tourists from any part of the world, if a request for the same is made. Nygard Cay Beach Resort- Most Expensive in the World Nygard Cay Beach Resort- Most Expensive in the World Nygard Cay Beach Resort- Most Expensive in the World Nygard Cay Beach Resort- Most Expensive in the World Nygard Cay Beach Resort- Most Expensive in the World

Champagne of All Waters – Beverly Hills 9OH2O

Water is an essential resource for life and good health. And, what kind of water you drink? If we have to name all the types of water that are produced today, it would take a lot of time. But this time we’re talking about Beverly Hills 9OH2O! And the reason why this bottled water is so special lays in fact that is designed by world-class sommeliers expressly for fine dining, special events, and exclusive gifting. This champagne of all waters was developed by the world’s foremost water sommelier, Martin Riese.
Beverly Hills 9OH2O Water
“We set out to do something that has never been done before: sommelier-craft the ultimate water taste profile and become the first water product to truly rise to the fine dining experience. By all accounts we have succeeded in creating the world’s finest water and are thrilled by the enormous buzz already surrounding Beverly Hills 9OH2O,” he said.
Overwhelmingly ranked by consumers as “the best tasting water in the world”, 9OH2O is actualy pristine spring water from high up in the Northern California Mountains which is crafted with natural minerals using a proprietary patent-pending formula. Of course, as expected, this unique water has to be packed in special diamond-like glass bottle, hand finished and triple-sealed to ensure exceptional purity, freshness, safety, and authenticity. Launched by Beverly Hills Drink Company, Inc., Beverly Hills 9OH2O is already featured at Montage Beverly Hills, Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Markets, and Bulgari on Rodeo Drive, among several other select luxury outlets. This first ever water truly suited for pairing with fine foods and wines is available in limited editions of 10,000 individually numbered glass bottles, each of which comes with some sort of a unique art piece. The price is $14 for a bottle, while 12-pack is available for $164. Beverly Hills 9OH2O Water Beverly Hills 9OH2O Water Beverly Hills 9OH2O Water