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Evian Water By Alexander Wang

The last thing spiced up by Alexander Wang is Evian water. French mineral water company has commissioned fashion designer Alexander Wang to design the brand’s latest bottle. This is the ninth time Evian has collaborated with the fashion world to create a new design for its water bottles. Evian natural mineral water sourced from the […]

Leonardo DiCaprio To Turn His Island Into A Ecological Resort

The Hollywood actor, decided that on his island in Belize build ecological resort. From 2007 he has that idea, but it is only now gave an official statement for beginning of construction, whose completion is expected in 2018. The island of 104 acres, which is called “Blackadore Caye,” DiCaprio bought in 2005 for 1.75 Million […]

Luxury Banana Island Resort In Doha

Only twenty minutes from the heat of Doha, is Banana Island Resort, a unique place with the first and only water villas in Qatar, which have their own wellness center. Accommodation in this resort consists of 141 lavishly decorated rooms, suites and villas for guests, while all have a unique design with the famous Arabian […]

Amsterdam Canal Aqua – Limited Edition Bottles of Water from Amsterdam Canals

The city of Amsterdam celebrates the 400th anniversary of its canal district and for that occasion releases a set of designed bottles – Amsterdam Canal Aqua. This unique souvenir was created by Iris Worldwide and include four different bottles, each filled with water that is taken from the most recognizable Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel […]

1950 BMW Berlin III Speedboat At Bonhams

All from the Italian prancing horse to the German powered speedboat, Bonhams will offer at the auction on October. Designed for driving pleasure 1950 BMW Berlin III speedboat is a stunning visual work of art on the water, with all the refinements that you’d find in a BMW automobile today. From all cars at the […]

Nygard Cay Beach Resort On Bahamas

Quiet coves and quiet beaches the Bahamas offer visitors the most intimate moments of almost heavenly space, which represents about 700 palm islands. Baptized by Columbus as – baja mar (meaning “shallow water”), this island with its stunning color shades of sand and sea, which involves space Color range from turquoise to pink sparkling rose, […]

Champagne of All Waters – Beverly Hills 9OH2O

Water is an essential resource for life and good health. And, what kind of water you drink? If we have to name all the types of water that are produced today, it would take a lot of time. But this time we’re talking about Beverly Hills 9OH2O! And the reason why this bottled water is […]