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    The Banjaran – Malaysia’s Peaceful Wellness Retreat

    Set against limestone hills, The Banjaran provides a peaceful wellness retreat with its geothermal hot springs, cascading waterfalls, natural caves and an abundance of native flora and fauna and a naturally heated swimming pool. Dramatic 280 million year old Paleozoic limestone formations presented a striking backdrop to the retreat. The spacious villas at Banjaran Resort […] More

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    Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos

    Wazebo is perfect for enjoying your morning shower, or for day or evening shower. It was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Zucchetti.Kos. This independent unit will certainly provide a special character to the open space. Place it in your own mini pavilion and this fantastic shower will banish all your concerns and take […] More

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    Sublime Samana in Dominican Republic for Your Pleasure

    Sublime Samana Hotel & Residences is an exclusive selection of villas and suites facing a pristine sandy beach. It is located in center of green mountains near turquoise waters and guests can enjoy in delightful seclusion, beach club, pools, a gym, gastronomic cuisine, and an extensive programme of excursions. Located at Playa Coson and only […] More