Kate’s Wedding Dress Recreated in Just Five Hours

Princ William and Kate Middleton Princ William and Kate Middleton

Barely five hours after Kate began her drive to Westminster Abbey to marry Prince William, a family tailoring firm in London had put the final touches to a replica of her wedding dress.

(AFP – LONDON) – The Alexander McQueen gown worn by the new Duchess of Cambridge was one of the highlights of the royal wedding and copies are expected to be made across the world.  But the bride may have been surprised at how fast the work began.  As soon as she was in the car, we started to identify what the lace was like and try to find as close a copy as possible, said Raul Echeverria, owner of Alterations Boutique in Marylebone. When she stepped out of the Rolls-Royce in front of the abbey a few minutes later, revealing the full Alexander McQueen gown of ivory satin and lace, the team went into overdrive.  We looked at the pictures on the television screen and once we identified what fabric we required, then we went to our suppliers and tried to match the fabrics, Echeverria told AFP.

The Ultimate Royal Wedding Souvenir – Royal Wedding Alderney £1000 Gold Kilo

The Royal Wedding Gold Kilo coin by the Royal Mint The Royal Wedding Gold Kilo coin by the Royal Mint If you’ve got a cool £40,000 ($66,900) in spare cash then you might want to consider spending it on the Royal Wedding Gold Kilo Coin that has been issued by the Royal Mint to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom is the body permitted to manufacture, or mint, coins in the United Kingdom. Made from a kilogram (35.27 ounces) of solid gold, it is the first time in the Royal Mint’s 1,000 year history that kilo coins have been made to celebrate a Royal Wedding day. The commemorative has a face value of £1,000. Each kilo coin is 10 centimetres (3.937 inches) in diameter, nearly four and a half times the size of a standard £1 coin. Since other metals are used to complete the alloy, the coin’s actual weight is 1.096 kilograms (38.66 ounces). A side by side portrait of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton is featured on the gold piece, with Prince William in the foreground. Behind them is an image portraying the Westminster Abbey;s famous Rose window. Inscriptions include THE WEDDING OF PRINCE WILLIAM AND CHATHERINE MIDDLETON, 29TH APRIL 2011.

Project Kahn’s Maybach 57 to Mark Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day

Wedding Commemorative Maybach 57 by Project Kahn Project Kahn’s Wedding Commemorative Maybach 57 British car styling specialist Project Kahn has created a unique Maybach 57 to celebrate the wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Project Kahn’s Wedding Commemorative Maybach 57 is a blatant PR grab tribute to the new royal couple that will have nothing at all to do with the royal wedding itself reside at Project Kahn’s Bradford headquarters. The pearl white Maybach 57 complete with the regal-sounding number plate 4 HRH is outfitted with Kahn’s RS-D 9.5×22 inch wheels, special paintwork and finishing, Kahn’s Maybach 57 smoked rear lights, interior components, interior package and Pentagon privacy glass. Afzal Kahn, the head of the tuning company, explains the intention behind the special edition: Project Kahn understands the meaning of traveling in style and with the conversion we perform on this prestige vehicle there is no more of a stylish way to travel. The 4 HRH number plate is worthy of befitting a vehicle such as the Project Kahn Maybach 57. And as a proud Englishman and designer, this is our way of wishing the royal couple many happy years together.

All Known Details Of The Upcoming Royal Wedding

Prince William and Catherine Middleton Prince William and Catherine Middleton Royal wedding is approaching, and interest in details does not stop. Many are officially published and many are just guessing. In one month we will have the full truth about all the details, but until April 29, 2011 we write about what we have been able to find out. Kate and William have held their bachelor and bachelorette parties. William’s bachelor, or stag, party was held this past weekend. It reportedly was at the country estate of the father of Hugh van Cutsem, one of William’s longtime friends. Kate’s party was held at an unidentified friend’s house. All that is known is that it happened sometime last week. One of Kate and William’s last official public appearances before the wedding will be Monday, April 11, when they visit the Darwen Aldridge Community Academy reports BBC News. The tuition-free school “harnesses entrepreneurship as a catalyst for social change.” William will also hand out an award and the couple will visit a local park to demonstrate the importance of recreational space. The entire visit is expected to last 90 minutes, according to the Lancashire Telegraph.

The 1902 State Landau Ready For Kate And Williams – The Same Coach That Carried Diana And Prince Charles

The 1902 State Landau Ready For Kate And Williams The 1902 State Landau was specifically built for King Edward VII in 1902 and was intended to be used at his Coronation. Thirty years ago the same carriage drove Princess Diana and Prince Charles after their wedding. Now, on 29 April, young royals Kate and Williams have opted to travel from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace in the same carrige – The 1902 State Landau! The State Landau, drawn by four horses, is the most valuable piece of the Royal Mews, the team that includes all of the vehicles (engine or horse) used by the royal family. Also interesting –  Kate will go to the Abbey in the Rolls-Royce Phantom VI that was attacked by student rioters as it carried Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in December. At the height of the London protests, the mob smashed a window, daubed the car with white paint and even poked Camilla with a stick through a window. The car’s battered window and bodywork are still being repaired.