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    Rolls-Royce Phantom Sports Line Black Bison Edition by Wald International

    Rolls-Royce Phantom Sports Line Black Bison Edition The Rolls-Royce Phantom Extend Wheelbase is an exceedingly rare car, but a famed VIP-themed Japanese tuner, Wald International has just unveiled a new styling package for the luxury behemoth. As you know Wald International is famous for its Black Bison Edition and adding a name tag as the Sport […] More

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    Armored Jaguar XJ Sentinel Offers Extremely Impressive Levels of Protection

    Armored Jaguar XJ Sentinel Jaguar is now a-days busy giving final touches to its new armored special protection vehicle, the Jaguar XJ Sentinel, slated to be unveiled at the 2010 Moscow International Motor Show scheduled from Aug 25 – 29.  The armored XJ is based on the long-wheelbase XJ, whose aluminium structure allows it what […] More