Rex Attitude – The World’s ‘First Whisky Beer’

Yeastie Boys' Rex Attitude Beer Yeastie Boys’ Rex Attitude New Zealand’s Yeastie Boys, Sam and Stu, is all set to release the Rex Attitude, the world’s first single-malt, peat-smoked golden ale. The use of 100% heavily-peated Scottish distilling malt results in one of the smokiest beers ever released and the world’s first whisky beer. Unlike most beers made with the peated malt, generally made as scotch ales, Yeastie Boys have made a well-hopped golden ale. Stu said the style was chosen because many highland whiskies have a citrus character, as do Belgian golden ales. The beer uses US Willamette hops which Stu says will introduce a complementary citrus note. The Yeastie Boys have already imported two tonnes of Scottish malt that’s needed specifically for the Rex Attitude.

Laucala Island, Fiji – Discover an Idyllic Private Island Resort Experience

Laucala Island - Private Island Resort, Fiji Laucala Island – Private Island Resort, Fiji Laucala Island is a perfect island escape, for those who seek the total luxury of privacy and space, relaxing ambience, enjoying culinary delicacies, yet being sportive active. Anything is possible on Laucala – playing a round of golf, cycling the island, game fishing, diving or sailing the turquoise waters or being pampered in the spa. Proclaimed one of the hundred most beautiful hotels and resorts in the world by Hideaway Hotels, Laucala Island (pronounced Lothala) opened in 2009 to guests seeking the utmost discretion and privacy amid almost unimaginable tropical splendor. Redeveloped by its new owner Dietrich Red Bull Mateschitz at a staggering $30,000,000, the island boasts of outstanding service, delicious cuisine, a exquisite wine cellar, and a stunning atmosphere.