Bentley Supersports Shatters World Speed Record on Sheet Ice

Bentley Supersports Convertible on the Ice Track

Rally champion, Juha Kankkunen achieves 205.48 mph (330.695 km/h) in extreme Bentley convertible

(Oulu, Finland. 15 February 2011) – Finland’s four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen drove a Bentley Continental Supersports convertible on the hazardous frozen waters of the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Finland, at a breathtaking 205.48 mph (330.695 km/h) to set a new world speed record on ice. Kankkunen was in irresistible form with his all-wheel drive, 6-litre, 12-cylinder Continental Supersports convertible which, in line with the Company’s CO2 strategy, ran on biofuel. The world’s fastest soft top enabled Juha to shatter his own 2007 world ice speed record of 199.83 mph (321.6 km/h) set in the Continental GT at the same location. With the help of his own experienced team and Bentley engineers, Kankkunen overcame the challenges of temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees, sudden snow blizzards and potentially dangerous crosswinds on the 16.5km track on a 70cm-thick layer of sea ice. The record attempt was driven on a 1000m long measured distance with the speed certified by officials from the Finland Traffic Police. His new world record was based on the average of two runs in opposite directions with measured speeds ratified by a representative of The Guinness Book of Records.

Porsche 9ff GT9-R – Seriously Addicted to Speed

UPDATE: Rarest of all Porsche 9ff GT9-R is the prototype, which 9ff has just listed for sale on
JamesList for $1,128,647.

Porsche 9ff GT9 R

Speed is the name of the game for the custom-car specialists at Dortmund-based 9ff headed by Jan Fatthauer. Their latest target is no less than the world speed record for a series-produced vehicle approved for the road. To this end, 9ff has developed a new superfast sports car with an engine boasting 1,120 BHP and 1,050 Nm – the 9ff GT9-R. Porsche 9ff GT9R is the antithesis to the perfectly mannered Bugatti Veyron. With flames coming from its twin-turbo 1,120-horsepower engine, the rear-wheel-drive 9ff GT9R could be the Veyron’s drunken, bar-brawling cousin. It judders at low revs, spits, snarls and jumps through town and slides without a moment’s warning. And yet despite its lack of finesse, the GT9R will smash through the 60 mph mark in 2.9 seconds, reach 186 mph in 15.8 seconds and blast past a Veyron with ease.