The $1 Million Car Crash

Oops, it's a $1 Million prang

What do you get when you crash a Bentley into a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin? The $1 Million Car Crash!

The accident occurred when the hapless blonde negotiated the traffic around the Place du Casino, Monte Carlo in her Bentley Azure.

A parade of some of the world’s most expensive cars turned into a demolition derby after a driver scraped her $370, 000 Bentley against a $111,000 Mercedes S class. And that was just the start.

The blonde’s 2.7 tonne car then went on to plough into a $207,000 black Ferrari F430 before crashing head-on into a Porsche 911 worth $118,000 and a $207,000 Aston Martin. The driver and her two passengers then suffered the embarrassment of being surrounded by tourists as they were unable to open the doors of the convertible. As expected, this expensive bingle caused quite a scene and makes for one memorable insurance claim.

Despite the fact her Bentley bingle involved more than $1 million worth of luxury machinery, the cost of repairs is expected to reach just $60,000.  The Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin requiring new front wings and bumpers, while the Bentley will need the same repairs, plus a new door.


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