The Bespoke $86,000 Wendy House

For $86,000, you can buy a real three-bedroom house, or playhouse for your children. Yes, we are talking about extravagant two-floor mini home designed to suit slightly younger tenants, after being unveiled as Britain’s most expensive Wendy house.

The 12ft by 10ft Wendy house has everything like real house: a reception, kitchen and bedroom and even garage. Unlike other playhouses that we’ve already reported (Liliput Play Homes and Daniel Wood Land playhouses), Wendy playhouses features electricity and running water and they can even be adapted to include underfloor heating. This luxury playhouses are aimed at the families of footballers and investment bankers.

Nick Marlow, 38, who construct them at Surrey-based Rainbow Play Systems, says he has a number of clients lined up to buy one. He added: These are the very best money can buy – the most expensive on the market. The only limiting factors are your imagination and your wallet. The house is for people with disposable income who can afford it. It’s fun to see parents sit back and say “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before”. They love them as much as the kids!

When children outgrow this playhouse, the space can be converted into a wine cellar or a storage house even, or fully integrated into the garden. [Rainbow Play Systems]

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