The Destruction Company – A Private Club Helps Wealthy Smash Things for a Price

The Destruction Company

The Destruction Company allows clients to smash anything they want with any weapon they want – for a price!

I know it’s hard to believe, but there’s actually a company that caters to the destructive tendencies of rich people. It’s called The Destruction Company, and it truly is what its name implies. The Company is a member only Fight Club-like organization that allows rich Americans to smash stuff to smithereens, using an arsenal of weapons.

Membership in this club is exclusive and one can be a member only if he or she is introduced by another member. Of course there is a price to be paid and money to be made, plus the cost of what is destroyed during each session – with prices ranging from $10 (set of plates), baby grand piano ($2,000), to cars costing over $100,000. Members can pick from a list of objects to smash – including furniture, televisions, guitars, fax machines, motorcycles, lap tops and pottery.

They are then given a choice of weapon including baseball bats, golf clubs, battle axes, sledgehammers, lump hammers, swords, and chainsaws. The members then visit the club’s warehouse and roof top space to don protective clothing and destroy the object bit by bit. Their performance is caught on camera, and members can go into a control room and watch themselves in action.

Smashing stuff probably sounds like something guys might be into, but club representatives say 40% of members are women. According to The Destruction Company, most members opt to smash high tech stuff like flat screen TVs, iPads, computers, but there have been cases where someone destroyed all of her husband’s suits, and someone even requested to smash a Ferrari.

The Destruction Company is operating in New Jersey right now but is hoping to expand its business soon to Los Angeles and London.

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