The Most Expensive Hockey Stick Worth $4.25 Million

All kinds of stuff we have seen, but that wooden hockey stick cost $ 4.25million, now that we have not seen before. It isn’t even encrusted with precious diamonds and gems and neither do they have the pricey napa leather grips, it is just sheer pieces of wood that are very old. In 2009, a Canadian man made news with a stick he’d purchased for $3,000 from a Quebecer antique shop.

The Most Expensive Hockey Stick in the World $4.25 Million

The stick was radiocarbon dated to the 1600. He’d planned to sell the stick on eBay with a minimum bid of $1 million but historians threw doubt upon its origin, saying that the stick may have only been carved more recently from an old piece of birch wood rather than having been used in an early modern game of Nova Scotian proto-hockey.

The world’s oldest and most expensive hockey stick comes from a somewhat more recent era. It was crafted in Ontario in the 1850, a couple of decades before the first game of ice hockey was played, and passed down through generations until it reached the hands of Gordon Sharpe. When Sharpe had the stick appraised, he discovered it was worth $4.25 million.

Since then, he was displayed at Wayne Gretzky’s bar in Toronto and stored at the.

The Most Expensive Hockey Stick in the World $4.25 Million The Most Expensive Hockey Stick in the World $4.25 Million

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