The New McLaren 650S Design Studio App

Virtual reality is the ultimate way to impress your friends and neighbors. The new McLaren 650S Design Studio App is an application, also very well designed advertising, which allows you to relive the car. McLaren Automotive made an effort, to provide us more closely their new beast. With this new application you can create your custom-build McLaren 650s from the range of factory options, including paint colors, wheel options, and exterior carbon fiber accents.

Time to configure your McLaren 650S

When you done, you can place the car in front of the specially selected backgrounds, like, Times Square, the marina at Monaco or your own driveway. To make things even more beautiful, you can share all of this via Facebook and Twitter. Both Aston Martin and Lamborghini already have used at their stands at this year’s Geneva Motor Show their applications to highlight their customization services, so McLaren decided to do the same. You can find the McLaren 650S Design Studio tablet app at Apple App Store and on Android devices simple by typing McLaren 650s. Enjoy!

Time to configure your McLaren 650S Time to configure your McLaren 650S

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