The Oldest Drink You Probably Have Not Heard

Mad March Hare Premium Irish Poitín

It is believed that the oldest drink in the world – Poitín manually made in Ireland since the sixth century.
Long before the start of the whiskey harvest, pink liquid was made by Irish monks who learned the art of distillation from the Maori scholars.
Made from everything from grain barley to potatoes, a clear, strong drink was usually distilled in small barrels strength of 120 or 180 proof.
Although unlicensed distillation was officially banned in Ireland for more than 300 years in the period from 1661 to 1997, Poitín was still secretly distilled by professional craftsmen and citizens.

Mad March Hare Premium Irish Poitín

In the nineties, the Irish government abolished the law banning production and sales and giving this drink a geographical indicator that protects the category in the same way that the Irish Whiskey and Irish cream, liqueur.
Today, this drink is becoming popular on the Emerald Island as well as abroad – and the Irish distillery Mad Marche Hare runs the production of Mad March Hare Premium Irish Poitín.
With a base in the West Cork, Mad March Hare uses small barley in the region and distils the drink in small copper barrels, in the same way as it was put in centuries ago. It has been distilled at 80 proof (much lower than the first domestic versions) and has a smooth flavor that is particularly well-known in cocktails.
Although Poitín has a really special taste that is hard to categorize, it may be the closest to the immature whiskey. It can replace almost every drink, from vodka to tequila.
When you smell it, it has notes of malt, coconut and baked apples. Silky and smooth has a taste of dry fruit, French toast and vanilla. Notes of honey, malt and burnt almond have a long finish.

Mad March Hare Premium Irish Poitín

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