The Smallest Aquarium In The World – Miniature Home For A Fish

The World's smallest aquarium
The World’s smallest aquarium

Miniature specialist Anatoly Konenko, from the Siberian city of Omsk, has built the world’s smallest aquarium. A glass cube measuring 30mm by 24mm by 14 mm, complete with sand, multi-coloured stones and seaweed can contain 10 ml of water.

The mini-aquarium is even equipped with a water purification filter to keep the water healthy for fish. Only baby fish can fit inside the tiny glass cube that is the world’s smallest aquarium. It took the skillful master about two weeks to create it.

Anatoly Konenko has been fiddling around with micro-miniatures for 30 years – he was the first such craftsman in Siberia. He worked out how to write on rice grains, poppy seeds even human hair, and created the necessary micro-instruments to do this. In 2002, his micro-book that measured less than 1 sq. mm entered the Guinness Book of Records. His most recent accomplishment until now was the smallest ever functioning mousetrap: 6mm by 3mm. His other micro-miniature work includes a violin for a grasshopper, a camel caravan that fits inside a needle ear, an alphabet inscribed on a hair, a zoo that balances on a dragonfly’s wing and the most stunning display of all: a model Eiffel tower that teeters on a mosquito’s antenna. [Anatoly Konenko]

The World's smallest aquarium
The World's smallest aquarium
The World's smallest aquarium
The World's smallest aquarium

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