The World’s Smallest Hand Engraving on Wilkinson Sword Razor Blade

Graham Short - The World’s Smallest Hand Engraving on Wilkinson Razor Blade

After 150 attempts, Graham Short, has succeeded in etching the words Nothing Is Impossible on the edge of a Wilkinson Sword razor blade. The engraving measures only a tenth of a millimeter, and can only be viewed with a medical microscope at 400x magnification. The 64-year old craftsman has been engraving since 1960s and has always wanted to create something small and this time he got mighty serious about it and prepared this stunning piece of art with pure dedication.

Engraving at such a level requires almost superhuman effort and dedication to remain completely still. He was only able to work at night, when traffic vibrations are at a minimum, with his right arm bound to the arm of his chair with a luggage strap to minimise unwanted movement. He uses a stethoscope to monitor his heart, attempting a stroke of the letter only between beats, when his body is perfectly still.

Mr. Short is a copper and steel engraver by profession, and has done miniature engravings in the past, including engraving all 278 letters of the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a gold pin. His razor blade engraving is for sale for £47,500 (about $77,000). [The Hands of Genius]

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