The Zuccon Superyacht Design Brand is Launched

After November 17 and launching of “J’Ade”, a 60 metre designed by Zuccon and built by CRN yard, on 12 January the Zuccon launched the Chopi Chopi, an 80 metre superyacht, which marked the start of the Zuccon Superyacht Design brand. Luxury 80m Chopi Chopi – CRN’s Largest Yacht Launched in Ankona is the historic milestone for the Ferretti Group shipyard and Zuccon International Project (ZIP). This mega yacht represent the continuation of Zuccon design in their producing of large an exlusive yachts.

Martina and Bernardo Zuccon
Martina and Bernardo Zuccon

Zuccon International Project began in Varazze shipyard with the 46 m Al Fahed back in 1986, built of steel and aluminium in the, followed by various other projects working on yachts of different sizes which have added to the Roman studio’s yacht design experience. The studio has worked primarily with the CRN shipyard in Ancona, which has built many of Zuccon’s projects such as the 60 m Blu Eyes, the 43 m Lady Trudy or the 60 m Darling’s Danama. The most recent projects are five superyachts: the 80 metre Chopi Chopi (CRN 129) and the 60 m “J’Ade” (CRN 125), and under construction it has a 74 metre yacht (CRN 131) and two 43 m semi-displacing yachts under construction.

These ambitious projects are the result of a very successful partnership between Zuccon and CRN. Zuccon International Project or ZIP already had a division concerned primarily with large yachts, but the establishment of Zuccon SuperYacht Design gives a further boost to this field of work, while maintaining strong ties with the brand’s history, tradition and design heritage. The new brand, ZSYD or Zuccon SuperYachtDesign, has a simple structure reflecting two very important values, continuity and innovation.

Zuccon SuperYacht Design will be primarily under the responsibility of the new generation in the studio, Martina and Bernardo Zuccon, the daughter and son of the studio’s founders, architects who have played an active role in the family-run yacht design studio for many years now. We can only wait for the new bravure of this study and admire the current offerings of this amazing super yacht manufacturers.

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