This Is First Meat For Preventing Hangover

Meat For Preventing Hangover

The Victorians were doused with cold water, Native Americans licked their own sweat, while the Egyptians would cast spells on the beer in order to prevent a hangover. Recently, as a solution offered – sausages. The holiday season is approaching, and it is common knowledge that companies that offer remedies for a hangover earn billions, so it is not surprising that many lately trying to find new and more attractive ways to cash in on one of the most painful types of headaches.

Meat For Preventing Hangover
Meat For Preventing Hangover

One of the latest magical drugs that can be found on the shelves is sausage. “Serious Pig”, the company for meat production based in Peckham argues that produced first meat delicacy in the world that prevents hangover. According to the company, “it is necessary to eat this meat during the drinking of alcohol, to prevent a hangover next day,” and its action against nausea and dizziness indicates that certainly is not about an ordinary product.
However, doctors say that, despite a good idea to drink on a full stomach, there are healthier ways to treat hangover.
“Part of the symptoms we get during a hangover is due to inflammation – one of the body’s responses to lots of alcohol. Thus antioxidants, vitamins and minerals may help protect our cells from damage and even inflammation. But I’m not sure they are likely – or that there is any evidence for this – to ‘prevent’ a hangover,” explains Charlotte Stirling-Read, expert nutritionist at the Association for Nutrition.
Numerous products of pharmaceutical companies are certainly not desirable because “they can not do anything more than what you would get if you drink some water, eat some fresh fruit and ate a couple of dry crackers,” said the doctor.
“However, ultimately, the best way to prevent a hangover is quite simple – don’t drink alcohol,” says Stirling-Reed.

Meat For Preventing Hangover
Meat For Preventing Hangover

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