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Tiffany Charms Sunglasses are Classic and Chic

The new Tiffany Charms sunglasses are classic and chic with an oversized design that calls Audrey Hepburn to mind, and they come with a little something extra charming: actual charms.


Tiffany Charms Sunglasses

Those of you who like to be called fashion purists can safely gor for the black and blu color options in the Tiffany Charms collection. That said, those seeking a change in their wardrobe can enjoy picking their favorite from the double laminated violet and the candy pink combo (you can get the combo in a rich shade of brown and red too). The color lenses varies between gray, brown and violet. As for the charms, they include a heart and a ‘T’ for the Tiffany & Co. logo.

The Tiffany Charm Sunglasses are available ILORI Luxury Sunglass Boutique ($320).

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