Toaster For Perfect Breakfast


Japanese seem to like toast and are willing to pay a premium price so they can enjoy the perfect piece …
Moreover, citizens of this country now more than ever choose toast for breakfast because Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has just launched a TO-ST1-T toaster in Japan, which can prepare only one piece of bread at a time, which costs $270.
Designed as a waffle maker, this gadget creates the perfect piece of toast by enclosing the bread in a metal box, carrying heat from both the top and bottom.


The tight closure that this “toaster” has will ensure that every piece exits perfectly crisp from the outside, while the inside remains soft.
“We wanted to focus on one piece and treat it with respect,” says Akihiro Iwahara, who oversees technical development for the company’s home products division. “Our technology and know-how helped us to come up with very interesting solutions.”
Traditional Japanese breakfast consists of rice, grilled fish and miso soup, but now, as much as 51% of the population prefers toast as their first meal. This change in taste has led to an increase in the quality of toasters and cafes that are specialized in its preparation.
And while the price of this toaster will cause confusion among many, the Japanese will buy it without much thought. What about you?


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