Top-Notch Richard Mille Watch Conquers Geneva

RM 57-02 Tourbillon Falcon

Richard Mille wants to present itself in the best light with its RM 57-02 Tourbillon Falcon edition, as a highlight on the upcoming sale in Geneva, to be held in November …
Geneva Important Watch Sale, which will be held on November 13th, will offer an outstanding collection of the world’s most respected manufacturers, who will gather to show us exactly what vintage and modern horology can offer. Richard Mille definitely wants to present itself in the best edition during this event.

RM 57-02 Tourbillon Falcon

Over the years, Richard Mille brand has rightly cemented its place on the list of the world’s top watch brands. Although it has a relatively short history compared to other watch brands, the reputation of this brand in the industry has been built on the basis of their repertoire of contemporary watchmakers created with superior quality in mind. Their fans have created a cult that follows them, and are delighted with their modern and sport-oriented offers.
In the year of the dragon, which was in 2012, Richard Mille celebrated Chinese culture by channeling their long lasting expertise to create a mythical beast in its glory. The RM 57-01 Jackie Chan model was also created in honor of the man who is the embodiment of a powerful dragon. Though similar to its predecessors, Dragon and Phoenix models RM 57-01 Jackie Chan, and RM 57-02 Falcon novelty of this brand represent the highest level of production that the Richard Mille brand can offer.
This watch is complicated also by offering a remaining battery indicator, a free spring for balance and turbine. Turbines, used to counteract the effects that gravity has on the mechanism, have little purpose in the popular weatches of today, but this does not seem to be anything less impressive in any case.

RM 57-02 Tourbillon Falcon

In fact, the presence of the turbine, as we can see today, is an overview of technical brilliance, while measuring only 12.3 mm per diagonal, it must be impressed by the level of skill and precision needed to create something so small and delicate.
The balance of this watch is not regulated in the usual way, by adjusting the spring balance using the bridge index, but by micro adjustments made to the weights attached to the spring itself. In this way we have better reliability and increased resistance to changes through impacts and servicing, for example.
The complicated nature of this watch is further accentuated by its aesthetic attributes, which tell us that both elements were of the same importance during the production process. The elements that we presented to you in the upper part of the text are hidden inside a casing of white gold, with a sapphire, and are placed behind a hand-carved falcon decorated with diamonds and thus dominates the whole look of this model.
All in all, the watch is decorated with 532 precious stones, and it is presented with all the new accessories that you need.

RM 57-02 Tourbillon Falcon

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