Trump’s Mercedes 560 SL On Sale

Donald Trump's Mercedes 560 SL

Used cars of the famous previous owners are the sought and valued goods on the market of four-wheelers.
Thus, VW Golf IV – driven by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI – sold for almost €190,000. Land Rover of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was worth €170,000 in 2012.
Barolo Red Mercedes 560 SL Roadster made in 1987, has been in the Baz Dream Cars salon at Waghäusel in German Hockenheim for some time. His previous owner is “certain” Donald Trump who, at the time of purchase wrote in the contract the address 225 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021, USA.

Donald Trump’s Mercedes 560 SL

A $60,000 car was probably a Christmas gift or an award for Ivana Trump, the first wife of the current US president.
Ten years earlier, the Czech model was married to the then entrepreneur, and the marriage broke up in 1992, when Ivana was replaced by 14 years younger American actress Marla Maples.
Ivana, the mother of today’s presidential adviser, Ivanka, obviously does not care about a 230-horsepower sport car.

Donald Trump’s Mercedes 560 SL

When she sold the car after six years of use and after Donald Tramp found a new love, Mercedes crossed only 11,000 miles, or just under 18,000 km.
The Mercedes 560 SL spent most of its time in an underground garage in Palm Beach, southern Florida, and is recognized by the registration mark “Ivana 1”.

Donald Trump’s Mercedes 560 SL

Five years ago, Baraz Baz, Head of the German Baz Dreamcars, traveled to Florida and bought Trump’s Mercedes from one of its dealers.
Mercedes is in excellent condition and its value has already reached €80,000. However, there is a coefficient of “VIP owner” which can increase the price several times. The German dealer is still waiting for the right offer …

Donald Trump’s Mercedes 560 SL

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