Tuvalu – Hidden Polynesian Paradise


Why this Polynesian paradise is the least visited place in the world?
Tasted in the charms of the South Pacific, Tuvalu is a picturesque collection of nine islands, halfway between Hawaii and Australia. According to a new report from the World Tourism Organization, Tuvalu was the least visited site on the planet last year. Over a period of 12 months, Tuvalu was visited by about 2,000 tourists, despite its tropical climate, idyllic beauty and low crime rates.


His closest neighbor, Kiribati, had twice as many visitors, more precisely, a total of 5,000 in the same time period. What is lacking in this place is an attractive architecture, but this definitely compensates for the beaches that are palm-covered beaches. The islands have not been built, while the population of about 10,000 inhabitants is scattered. Nevertheless, there is a strong, traditional local culture, which the population keeps alive. When you are here, you can enjoy traditional dance, knitting basket or carving wood, which is a specialty of the local population.


Funafuti is the capital of Tuvalu, and on its west side is the Funafuti Conservation Area, where are some of the best coral reefs and beautiful lagoons. Diversified residents of reserve make it an ideal place for scuba diving, if you want closer to familiarize yourself with the marine world.
Due to climate change, Tuvalu was almost the center of attention throughout the world. These islands have found themselves in a list of places that could completely disappear due to the rise of the sea level in the next century, which gives you another reason to visit it before it is too late.


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