Unique And Cute Ducati Cucciolo

Ducati Cucciolo

These days, the Ducati brand is identified with supermotors that have 200 horsepower and more …
However, in the years after the Second World War, the Ducati brand was known for the production of a small engine called Cucciolo. In Italian, Cucciolo means a dog or a puppy, and the engine got that name due to the interesting sound of his little muffler.

Ducati Cucciolo

Until 1952, the incredible 200,000 Cucciolo engines left their factory, but only a few models exist today. Beyond Europe, you will find it hard to see any of them. For this reason, we are looking forward to introducing this 49 cc engine, and it was created as the work of Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles.
Vintage look is achieved by natural metals and patina.

Ducati Cucciolo

The owner presented us with a plan of cardboard tanks, which we then made of stainless steel. We fixed some of the little things on it, but it would not look good like a stripped metal. “We painted it a Kingfisher Blue, a Ducati color from the 1960s Monza. It would give a little nod to Ducati’s heritage, and match well with the metal, brass, and leather,” Says Tony, outlining his perfect solution.
When the look was definitely finished, it was time to work on the drive of this engine.

Ducati Cucciolo

Tony treated the spacers for the shaft and modified the engine to fit the engine into the frame, and then created a reservoir and ornamental leather bands on top.
Cucciolo was then decorated with brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Free Form Design, with the help of CNC technology, created a set of brass pedals, and Tony made all the cables to make sure they were fit. After the reservoir was sanded and milled, Jason from Artistimo Custom Design treated it with the final layer and painted the version of the original Cucciolo logo, in accordance with the blue-gold stripes.

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