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Unmounted Emerald-cut Type IIa 9.26 Carat Diamond Comes Up for Live Bidding

When a 9.26 carat unmounted Emerald-cut Type IIa diamond comes up for live bidding on December 3, as part of the HA’s Jewelry Signature Auction, it will represent, for one smart and discriminating collector, a chance to own one of the purest and rarest diamonds on the planet. It is expected to bring in the range of $1 million.

“Less than 2% of all gem diamonds in the world are type IIa,” said Jill Burgum, Director of Jewelry at Heritage, “making this an exceptionally rare offering. The legendary examples of type IIa diamonds can go for millions of dollars.”

Type IIa diamonds are so rare and sought-after, in fact, that they occupy special places in the top collections in the world and have frequently been used — when they’ve been found — as crown jewels. They are prized equally for their rarity and purity, which is a result of their containing little, if any, nitrogen at all at the time of formation.

“The stone offered in the Heritage Dec. 3 event is unmounted,” said Burgum, “meaning its end use is up to whoever is lucky enough to own it. It could be used purely as an investment, as an amazing piece of jewelry or as the ultimate Holiday gift to someone’s very lucky queen.” [Heritage Auctions]

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