Vertu Constellation Quest Pink to Impress Your Stylish Geek Girl

Vertu Constellation Ques Pink
Vertu Constellation Ques Pink

If your girl a tech savvy diva who likes to have a lifestyle concierge at your fingertips to help you book a flight, manage a hotel reservation, mobile shop and much more then Vertu Constellation Quest Pink Smartphone is the most stylish and innovative Valentine’s Day gift for her. Turned out in pink leather and ceramic with crystal sapphire keys, this elegant and girly smartphone is a great present for the 21st-century woman.

But Vertu knows it’s not just looks that count. Beyond the exquisite detailing and crystal sapphire keys, Constellation Quest features unparalleled customer services and the ultimate in technical specification. Each handset is equipped with enhanced exclusive services putting the user experience first and foremost. Designed to be effortless and intuitive, this unique QWERTY device extends Vertu Concierge, connecting her with a lifestyle manager, Vertu Remote Assist, providing her with technical assistance 24 hours a day, Vertu Select, a news feed tailored to suit her preferences, and Vertu City Brief, a must for her jet-set lifestyle.

Powered by a heavily skinned version of Symbian, offering HSDPA data and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with a 32GB microSD memory card, Pink Vertu Constellation Quest retails for $7,900 and is available at Vertu boutiques. [Vertu]

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