Villa Ypsilon – Superb Summer House In Greece

Villa Ypsilon

Situated in an olive grove in the south of the Peloponnese in Greece, this summer residence characterized by a green roof in the shape of the Greek letter Epsilon has a dual function. If you have never dreamed of owning their own holiday home on one of the Greek islands, we are certain that this will awaken your imagination and give you that, if nothing else, at least dream about it. With its interesting layout and overall concept, this summer house beckons all who see it, just as the sirens luring sailors.

Villa Ypsilon

The only difference is that instead of certain death that awaited the sailors who have come closer to sirens, this house welcomes with compounds, relaxation and high-end luxury.
The unusual roof splits into three branches, making a symbolic letter Y, a fantastic house located on a hill offering spectacular views of the Shiza Bay and Sapienza and the mountains. The height of the house is limited with the height of surrounding olive trees, in order not to disturb the surrounding landscape so this residence is perfectly integrated into nature.
The interior of a luxury home is divided into two main areas. One private, consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a social area where are living room and kitchen, with access on the three courtyards that surround the house and spectacular pool.

Villa Ypsilon

Circulating through, around and on the tip of the house provides a specific design of the concrete layer, so the grassy top of the house is an ideal promenade with a beautiful view of the landscape.
If you look closely photos, you’ll notice strategically placed ventilation holes, so this house is high and environmentally conscious because it prevents the use of mechanical cooling.
Although the residence is located in a remote location, and the budget was limited, an architect Theo Sarantoglou says a large part of this project is made by hand and the production of non-standard elements such as woodwork, windows, furniture.
This fantastic house was completed in only 7 months of work without compromising the planned budget using local materials such as concrete, teraza and marble.

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