Vilner Ducati Diavel AMG

Bulgarian tuner Studio Vilner has revealed a special version of the Ducati Diavel AMG motorcycle, not because they did not like the original configuration of this model, but because, the client whose motorcycle is, wanted a unique and most expensive version of the motorcycle in the world. However, rework such a motorcycle, on which was worked a division of AMG Mercedes-Benz is a very difficult task. However, after four months of design work and three weeks of work on the bike, this limited edition Ducati model is finally finalized.

Vilner Ducati Diavel AMG

The result is that the motorcycle has got a brand new air intakes, which are decorated with black leather stripes. The rear end of the motorcycle was also reworked because it is the only part of the motorcycle that did not like to the tuners. It is narrowed to give a bit slimmer look on the back of a motorcycle, and Vilner also add the new elements of the white around the rear lights.

Vilner Ducati Diavel AMG Vilner Ducati Diavel AMG

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