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Who has not heard of Star Wars, Skywalker, Dart Wade or Jedi?
Generations grew up on the science fiction saga Star Wars. The New and Eighth Continuum of Star Wars – Star Wars: The Last Jedi have just experienced the world premiere of the movie in Los Angeles, and fans around the world are eagerly awaiting December’s premiere in their cities wondering who is the last Jedi?

The new chapter of the Skywalker saga presents the new Star Wars | Nixon The Last Jedi – a special collection of watches inspired by characters such as Luke Skywalker, Ray, Stormtrooper executer, and the terrible Pretorian guards.
So the legendary models of the Nixon collection are revived in a new suit…

Nixon Watches has added a new timepiece to their collection for The Last Jedi  – The Sentry: Praetorian Guard. It features armor detail-inspired indices and custom polestaff second hand, custom caseback engraved with Elite Praetorian Guard helmet and the phrase, “Elite Guard.” plus a special, armor-inspired, stainless steel band.
The quiet life of the powerful Jedi teacher, Luke Skywalker, who lives on the remote island of the planet Ahch-To was an inspiration for creation of this watch. Luke lives a quiet life drawing power from nature. Is he exactly the last Jedi. In any case, his character was used to create a SENTRY LEATHER watch that engraved Lucky.

The first order can only work efficiently with the absolute loyalty of its followers. In order for any soldier to be found guilty of treason, it depends on the special branch of soldiers of the brainwashed Stormtrooper who bring final justice.
With clean contours and significant design, the Charger watch makes a bold step in this collection. It has a unique cushion-shaped casing and the Stormtrooper helmet and the phrase Electric Shoch are engraved on the back.

Finally, Ray finds Luke Skywalker … In the hope of finding the hero of the legend, she must forget the lessons learned, hile Skywalker challenges her expectations. Sat Medium Time teller is inspired by Ray. On the background of the watch character is also engraved with the phrase Find your Place.

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